Modern Musket

PWS makes a feel good video for a new line of rifles:

0:37 – RKBA is Right to Keep And Bear Aresol (and spray it in kids faces) #MERICA

I’m really not a fan of the term “Modern Musket“.  It appears to be one of those brands made solely to educate people on why the 2nd Amendment actually does include rifles like AR-15s and not just muskets that the founding fathers had… I get it but I don’t talk to anti-gun brick walls, so I can’t relate.  Additionally, I think a lot more care should have been put into their designs so they don’t look so Microsoft Paint-ish. The website in general needs massive work too… but hey whatever pays the bills.  I’m sure plenty of people must be buying that stuff.

Modern-MusketThe makers of the videos PWS on the other hand, and their cartoon Half Cocked is (was? Is it still even around?) so terrible it hurt my soul, I actually get excited for them when they come out with something that isn’t as bad that.  Most of their videos are actually pretty good, and if nothing else have a high production value (like this one).



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