molon labe

In a colossal move, SIG switched it up on the grips and did the Spartan side profile for the version II, and also makes the finish more BaTTLe WoRn.  INNOVATION / ITERATION:

This is what the Spartan I looked like:

*crowd of piehitters stands up and goes wild for the new grip battleworn change… then immediately find the need to sit down and catch their breath*

You know, I say something like “I can’t wait for this SpArTaN mOvEmEnT to be over!”, but we all know it’s going to be replaced with something equally as cringe.  At least it makes for good C O N T E N T though, amirite fellas?

Thoughts?  Do you think the amount of LABE that one could MOLON with the 2 would be > than with the 1? 🤔🤔🤔 I’m always asking the galaxy brain questions only, here on ENDO.

Gat tip: Saurocapozza

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Life came at him hard 😂.  I never was a stickers-on-a-vehicle kind of guy.  If you are you should buy all the stickers I have for sale at ENDO and put them on your vehicle 😏.  They are more low key at least.



This is incredible on so many levels.  The 🐍🐍🐍%’ers will love it:

Rare Breed Firearms doesn’t appear to have a functional website at the moment, nor can I find them on the Dick Spider website which they say they are distributed on.

LOL what a time to be alive.  Imagine the look of disappointment on the faces of your parents once they find out you bought one of these.  You’re a “rare breed” indeed my guy.

Oh and believe it or not, since I wrote this post A CHALLENGER Spartan Head emerged:


Gat tip: JT


ahhaha this is cringy:

0:28 – You’re definitely going to want to display this pistol somewhere in your home

0:30 – You’re going to want to bring it to the range to show it off to your buddies

0:36 – Oh wow SIG is so deep… they based the bronze finish off the bronze of the Spartan warrior shields

0:41 – “Molon Lave” hahah yea I get that it’s “Lave” not “Labe”, but like I said before I’m not greek… I see a B and I’m making a B sound.  And yes I get that it’s not a “B”, it just looks like one.



FROM MY Colllllllllllllld deaaaaaaaaad hands:

By some kid “Dustin Collins”.  Derivative of like every country song ever released.  The lyrics basically wrote themselves on this one.

I think I might start writing 2A Music.  It will sound like a fusion of Snap Dogg, Eric Clapton and Beethoven.  I don’t know if the world is ready haha.

Thoughts?  You fired up and finna water the tree of liberty after listening to this one?


Ugggggggg this is so painful.  I’m in actual pain.  Make it stop:

Here’s the entire lineup.  I literally CAN’T EVEN.  To add insult to injury, the price tag on that thing is $1304.

The best part about this line of Molon Labe guns, is knowing that 100% of the people buy them literally Molon 0% of the Labe.

Thoughts?  Are you waiting for the 1911 that says “Pipehitter” on it?  I said on Twitter today, that is definitely my new favorite cringe term.