If it involves slow motion footage and a gun it’s automatically WIN in my eyes.


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The same type of gun used to cook bacon, now in beautiful slow motion with fitting music:


The first part where he only shot 3 – 5 rounds at a time was kind of weak. I’m glad he kicked it up a notch later on.


This is “extra” footage from the iPad V.S. Sabot Slug From Shotgun In Slow Motion video I posted a couple days ago:


It was at around the 1 minute mark where the camera spins around and I noticed this:

As I wrote on the screenshot I took… looks like the shot was taken at no more than 5 yards away. It’s no wonder the wad went through the screen.  I’m glad no one got hurt.  That’s a very close range to be taking a shot at something besides paper (if you ask me).


Bullets through jello, cards, crayons, wine glasses, balloons… mixed in amongst other non gun related destruction:

Shot on the Photron SA1.1 … I hate to think how much that camera costs.


Seems like shooting an expensive piece of popular electronic equipment is a sure fire way to get a few hundred thousand views (minimum) for your video on YouTube nowadays:

It has to be in slow motion though, or else your video will get no views and everyone will call you a dumb ass.

Even tax preparation places are getting in on the action:



Slow motion footage FTW! This is Pretty awesome.

The video appears to be for the song “Ritalin” by Dancing Pigeons… I had not heard of them before, but they have my attention now… actually they had me at “flamethrower”.