Jay Leno shoots the shit with Mike Mayberry, co-founder of the bike company and then takes it out for a ride:

magpul-roninInteresting interview if you’re into bikes or design.  I really always liked the look of it, but at $38,000 – $41,000 you can buy more than one (like 3 or 4) brand new, better performing bikes instead.  The novelty here is that you have 1 of 47 though.  Unsurprisingly they aren’t selling like hotcakes… it looks like maybe half of them are gone at the current moment.

You can read more about the Ronin over at The 47 website.

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This is hella tactical:

Easy to install with straps and buckles. Available for the Kawasaki KLR650, KTM950/990, and some Harley Davidson bikes.  Kind of hipster choices, not?  I would have expected them to go more mainstream with Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and Kawasaki; cruiser, sport, and touring versions.  If that was the case every cowwadoody kid with a bike licence would be rocking one of these things with pouches filled with twinkies and cheetos.

You can purchase one and/or check out more info over at

If you have one of those bikes they currently make the vest for, after your purchase I recommend hitting up 5.11 and buying right and left handed pistol holsters, pouches to hold several backup mags for those pistols, more pouches to hold at least a dozen AR-15 magazines, and at least one trauma kit for when you try some stupid shooting-while-riding-tom-cruise-mission-impossible type shit that you’re not operator enough to pull off.


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Glock gave this away yesterday at their SHOT show party:


I can’t really see the detail from the angle the picture is at, but the only thing that looks “Glock” about it to me is the color.   They could have at least make it boxy and put some groves on it like slide serrations, made the exhaust looks like a barrel, matted the engine block etc…

This is where I predict the content of the comments:

  • “Can it sneak through airport metal detectors?”
  • “Does it backfire (kaboom!) from time to the time?”
  • “Is it mostly plastic?”
  • “Is it uncomfortable as hell to ride?”
  • “Does it refuse to rust and beat the 1911 model motorcycles in every aspect but old world appeal?”  <— I know no one would say this but me haha

Matte black really does it for me!  My dream car is a Matte black Lamborghini Aventador, with matte black rims, and a black leather/suede  interior.    Or as we say, “black on black on black”.

Thoughts?  Any of you bike guys know the model they used?


Try as you will, you will never be this badass:

I just know that this “Bave Pathan” character is on his way to pick up some hot babe to take her out on wild night on the streets of Karachi.

U jelly? Or as they say in Urdu, the official language of Pakistan “U جیلی؟”


Referred to as the “Secret Weapon” by designer/Hollywood stuntman Eddie Paul.

The project included fabricating all the body parts from metal, building the rotating replica Gatling guns which are twin 7.62mm electrically-driven rotary-action six-barrel mini-guns (similar to those on Puff the Magic Dragon gunship in ’Nam, or as seen in Schwarzenegger’s film “Predator”), converting the fuel supply to the pair of five-gallon Jerry cans attached to the rear and constructing the bullet-proof Lexan windshield.

Full story – HERE

Now that’s badass! No word yet on whether or not it can fly.


The video I talked about back in April:

Judge Emory A Pitt Jr. tossed all the charges filed against Anthony Graber, leaving only speeding and other traffic violations, and most likely sparing him a trial that had been scheduled for Oct. 12. The judge ruled that Maryland’s wire tap law allows recording of both voice and sound in areas where privacy cannot be expected. He ruled that a police officer on a traffic stop has no expectation of privacy.

Full Story – HERE

Well thank god common sense prevailed this time.