I thought the ATF frowned upon any electronic trigger control mechanisms,  but it appears it would only apply to semi-autos according to the USC 26 definition of a Machine Gun and not a bolt action like the rifle used in the video.

It’s too bad you couldn’t suck on that mouth thing, or blow into it to fire… I’d have a lot more jokes for that.

Also, is it just me or is the video have a real fake “infomercial” feel to it?


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The 39-year-old victim was walking down the street when he realized he had been shot. The bullet knocked a tooth out, but did not penetrate the man’s mouth and he was able to spit the bullet out, Kubiak said.

Full Story – HERE

I wonder what caliber it was, and it the shot was intended for him, or if he caught a ricochet?

The .45 caliber fanboys are going to claim it was definitely a 9mm :P

A fact some of you may find interesting… when 50 cent was shot 9 times on April 24, 2000 by an assailant armed with a 9mm handgun, one of the shots went through his left cheek and knocked his wisdom tooth out.  His voice has had a distinct slur ever since.