Covington, KY – The mural at 242 W. Pike St. – which Fairey and his team of artists spent several hours pasting up in sections on Tuesday – drew negative reactions from Claypool and some of his clients and neighbors, including John G. Carlisle Elementary School across the street. The dominant image in the red, black and white mural, titled “Duality of Humanity 4 Pike Street,” is an Asian child soldier holding an automatic rifle.

Fairey’s website, says the artist believes his “Duality of Humanity” images “draw parallels between the complex emotions surrounding the Vietnam War and those felt now about the invasion of Iraq.”

Late Thursday morning, painters hired by Claypool covered the mural with white paint.

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I agree, having the mural right across from an elementary school probably isn’t a great location.  They should have figured that out before hand though.

We had a bit of a Shepard Fairey discussion once before in the comments back on the Creepy Human Bone Art post.

Pretty cool looking mural, despite the blatant plagiarism that is inherent in the OBEY brand.


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