The inventor Peter Alaric answers some questions about his MuzzleSafe device for 20 minutes:

I was initially confused why the video thumbnail screenshot is Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber), but he touches on it later in the video when talking about “technophobia”, meaning people not liking the technological advancement his device brings.

This all seems kind of irrelevant to “real” firearms considering all his demos have been with an airsoft gun, which doesn’t even function in the same way.  At 6:22 he says he’s building a real gun version of this system.

2:43 – Sensor looking past his hand + other possible fail cases.  Yeah.

13:50 – Sandia National Laboratories gave him $20,000 for the project.  Wow that’s pretty generous.  Doesn’t equal an endorsement though he’s saying.  We can’t get a copy of the Sandia report because it’s private according to Sandia.

You can read my past posts about Muzzlesafe here, and check out his website for the official info.