This guy does some cool stuff:

32 minutes long… I just skipped around but there might be a bunch of interesting info I don’t know.

NERF gun mods are pretty badass.  I posted some other realistically painted nerf guns a long time ago.



“White Rabbit Project”:

Premiering Dec 9th on Netflix.  Looks like it has potential… they are still doing gun related stuff so that’s a good thing.

Anyone want to weigh in?  Are they getting to old for this?  Would you rather see a younger cast? I’m always partial to watching fellow cool teens rather than old people.


So the ATF made this up a few days ago:


Then an absolute comment massacre took place on their facebook post about it.  Some guys have NO CHILL whatsoever and give zero shits ahhahha good entertainment.

Thoughts?  Did you add your own comment on the post?  I’m staying out of this one.


0:23 – Ugh that’s the Irish mom from a show I like called “Orphan Black”… she’s annoying and I’m already annoyed by this “myth” they are about to bust.

Mythbusters_title_screenMy initial thought is can’t she just set the side of the couch (or something else heavy) on top of the spoon and be done with it?  Or actually just throw it out the damn window like the “hero” did.  So dramatic.

This definitely is one of those throwaway Mythbusters ideas.  At least he ALLAHU AKBAR’d it at 3:24.


Walking the .45 ACP out of the barrel:

Mythbusters-Pistol-Shot-High-Speed-Slow-MotionAt the start of the video they did a standard “Neva bin done befo'” claim… Something tells me this has been done several times before even by YouTuber’s who have access to such cameras.  Correct me if I’m wrong though.

What the heck type of range is his filming that on?  I figured he’d have a pristine personal private range, not one which looks like the battle of Fallujah took place between its walls.



By curving the barrel:

Here’s how they bend the barrel in Adam’s sword forge.  LOL only Adam would have a sword forge… dude has so many hobbies, interests, and lots of money to match:


Interesting that the 45 degree barrel speed and the 90 degree barrel speed was the same.  Or is that not interesting?  Sometimes I think I forget all the university physics I took in order to make way for other stuff, so simple things that impress me probably shouldn’t.

Gat tip: Say Uncle