navy seals

Deliver your shot in a line, rather than a circular pattern:

Cool.  hahah shooting plates with it is epic!

Previously unbeknownst to me, this “duckbill” style choke design was used by the NAVY seals back during Vietnam:


Looks like a neat toy anyway.  I wonder why we haven’t seen this type of choke in action movies yet, sawing guys in half, and making the halves fly 90ft backwards?

This is a probably a stupid question, but would this save any time in a 3 gun competition?  I’m assuming it would only be allowed in the open class.

$199 over at Paradigm SRP.

Would operate with?  What’s the verdict?  I’m sure a lot of operator types will jump on this thing just because “SEALs BRO… SEALs”.

Hat tip: Jay


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All the talk about how crazy Charlie Sheen is lately reminded me of some awesome movies he has been in:

Of the ones I’ve seen, the most notable are:

Is Navy Seals worth watching?

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