Nikki Turpeaux

OMG this is painful:

Nikki-TurpeauxI see what they are trying to do, but uggggggg.  MY BRAAAAAAINNN.

What do you think the chances are, that Nikki is a “cool mom”?  I kinda get that vibe from her.  Like she’d catch her 17 year old with that loud pack in his cargo pants when doing laundry, and not even trip.  The type to roll up to her kid’s school pistol on the hip, bumping 36 Chambers in the minivan.  The type to wear a blue turtleneck on an NRA News video, but go home and kick it in a sleeveless cut up deep-V ENDO Apparel shirt and capris, while grilling steaks in the backyard, drinking a cold one, humming “Bitches Love Sosa“.

Thoughts?  Paint some pictures for me guys… “Nikki be the type of mom to ________”