It was only a matter of time before the camera guys got a thang too:

hahah.  I’ll now say “Thoughts?” just to be consistent.

Gat tip: C4_boom

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Done by the greatest Asian guy with a British accent to ever review cameras:

Poor guys have to practice IPSC with airsoft. :/  Oh well as long as they’re having fun I guess.  Definitely a cheaper way to work on the fundamentals.

To me, the best part about IPSC is seeing the ridiculous scenarios they come up with.

I’m a Canon guy (I’ve got a Canon 60D), and not because I don’t like Nikon, but I’ve just never seen a reason to buy one over a Canon.  I definitely have to start doing double taps with my camera, just because.


Hat tip: ColionNoir who has been known to put in solid work in front of the lens.


In Double Exposure:

Having just bought a Canon 60D  2 days ago, I thought the video was especially awesome.  I’m glad the good guys are armed with Canon’s :P  Derivative of the Battle At F-Stop Ridge mind you, but still awesome.

There was no Canon AR-15 rifle, and unfortunately no 1200mm Anti-Aircraft lens was used either.


Hat tip: Frank