Oleg Volk

Fellow gun blogger SayUncle and his daughter in matching old school ENDO fits:


haha Oleg captioned the pic “A child being seen but not heard“.  Nothing like a little throwback suppressor humor.

Great pic!  That’s the first print of the M16 selector switch t-shirt I ever did.  I didn’t even use the tri-blend t-shirts back then, those are 50/50s.  Always good to see dads getting their young daughters into shooting.


Oh NO, what would Mom’s Demand Action think?! :P

Make sure to check Oleg Volk’s blog for more gun related pictures.

My usual “Would operate with?” would just be a rhetorical question in this case.  Of course you would operate with her, so much win!


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What’s not to like?

Damn that thing barks!  I wonder if it would be as loud if someone without such epic facial hair was shooting it?  That’s Linoge from Walls Of The City for those who are not familiar… you should check his blog out.  I have mentioned him in the past on here.  Oleg Volk behind the lens.

He’s rocking one of the ENDO AR-15 Builders Club t-shirts like a boss too. Pick yours up today!