Wow these guys are sharp:

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Whoooooooweeeeeee now that’s some operating right there.  What are your favorite parts? Mine are the muzzle sweeps and the rolls.

Would Molon Labe with?

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What you’ve come to expect from the Russians, plus a few amazing surprises:

Faces covered to avoid internet embarrassment.

1:14 – Oh lawd.  That looks like what Shoothouse Puzikas did in that Panty-Oh video, but even more retarded because Sonny actually was looking in the direction of one of the firearms at least!  No-look shooting is so fashionable.  Safety isn’t.  Get with the program.

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-Wield1:57 – “the drive-by simulator” – key Russian technology.  It’s a real skill to hit what you’re aiming at when you’re dumping mags out the Lada.

2:32 – This linked ammo loading crank device seems pretty cool… a better shot of it at 2:57

Despite some of the obvious theatrics in this video, I’m sure these guys actually do kick some major ass.

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This guy gets it:


haha nice.  Those are HSGI Taco Pouches.  They make all sorts of pouches to fit all sorts of snacks… oh and magazines too, they’ll fit magazines.

Source: Direct Action Solutions

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This video takes itself pretty seriously (ya I suppose it is a serious topic), but is a good watch for sure:

Is that Krav Maga they are doing at the beginning in the boxing-style ring?  I was in Judo for a little while when I was younger, and I remember thinking all I wanted to do was to learn how to kick people across a room, and throw haddoukens, what did I get?  I got to roll around on the ground with stinky kids +/- a few years my age and practice holds, leg sweeps, and carefully planed over the shoulder throws.  So disappointing.  I literally thought I’d learn how to kill someone with my bare hands by the end of week one.  I was crushed when that didn’t happen.

6:12 – I always wonder how pulling back on force when training would actually effect your performance in real life.  What do studies show?  If you’re trying not to hurt the guys you’re training with you’d maybe default to that without really thinking about it in a life threatening situation?

6:44 – That scan tho.  No temple index!  2/10 would not operate with. :P

8:45 – It appears like he puts the loaded gun right against his palm *ahhhhhhhhhh*:


Please watch it in 0.25x and assure me that’s the camera angle fooling me.  I want to believe you.  It’s pretty blurry, but looks like he possibly even had his finger inside the trigger guard at that point.

9:55 – Is standard practice when taking a gun off someone to always load it, and likely waste a round since normally people carry loaded guns?  Why would that Asian dude be sticking up someone with an empty gun?

Funker Tactical is a really awesome group of guys seemingly, who definitely have a lot of fun making their vids.  I think great for them… I watch most of their vids I’m really happy they have a massive audience, and hope they continue to be successful.  Funny enough they fired some shots at our Slovenian boys Polenar Tactical on Facebook last night.  Apparently they don’t have a sense of humor regarding Polenar poking fun at their bro Instructor Zero regarding some funny pics he staged, which Polenar I guess had an unwarranted (apparently) “opinion on”.  I love when people send me stuff like this because I just fire up the popcorn machine and watch the comments and back and forth.

Some heat from the last paragraph on the linked facebook post:

We believe the reason for the animosity against us (Funker Tactical) and IZ (Instructor Zero) is that the Polenar guys are firearms instructors themselves and they may believe the best way to the top is by stepping on others on the way up.

haha whaaaaaaaT?  Serious business.  I didn’t realize there was a “top” and a power struggle in YouTube firearms videos, much less any sort of competition at all between what Funker Tactical does and what Polenar Tactical does.  Not even taking into account that Polenar lives and opeates on the other side of the ocean.  I just hope this beef doesn’t end in someone taking a bullet on the Las Vegas strip, Tupac style next SHOT show.  Can’t we all just get along?

Thoughts?  Do you sprinkle any sort of seasoning on your popcorn when viewing internet drama?  What type of popper do you use?  Do you use butter, or are you onto that artisanal olive oil mist game like I am? (shoutouts to MISTO for the illest misters in the game right now)

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This Manrico Erriu guy checks all the boxes:

GENI AX HECPO.  Oh you don’t know what that means? *smh* rookie.  It stands for GENI-AX (his company) Hostile Environments Close Protection Operations (the course name).  They somehow even have the snazzy very rare url “geniax-close-protection-courses.com” so you know it’s bigtime.

0:07 – Coupled mags.  Shit is about to get real.

0:24 – We meet the man himself “Manrico Erriu”, who is an expert in robotic movements, shuffles, and counter-terrorism. Coincidentally that’s also what his JDate profile says.

0:26 – Whoa.. wtf just happened there?  Charging handle shenanigans?

0:45 – We meet some more operators in training, in the hostile-ist of the environments.

0:53 – LOLOL is this shit for real?  Yell then shuffle like you have a stick up your ass and engage targets.

1:14 – Now I’m convinced I’m actually watching a Dynamic Pie Concepts video for real… like they infiltrated this guy’s channel for shits and giggles just to troll us.

1:46 – Screw “accuracy”, from now on I’m pronouncing it “Ack-coooo-ra-sea”

2:10 – hahha right, I forgot the Israelis carry unloaded.

2:14 – What’s the point of that tactical mag flip if you’re not even going to hit the eject button?  Haley and Costa do that to dump the mag off… you faked it then pulled it out like a newb.

3:01 – I have no idea what’s going on here.

3:14 – Whoa easy there… yea you’ll figure it out don’t worry.

3:36 – Yelling out gunshot sounds and miming real trigger pulls is always a great way to train.

And if you didn’t already know GENI-AX is a WORLD NETWORK guys.  LOL check the buzzword filled promo video below:

Manrico-Erriu-Training-FirearmsI love this shit.  Straight out of an “Operating in operations for business management” textbook.


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Dugan Ashley says check the O.R.:





Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOTrust Dugan to know that sometimes you need to get your hands dirty.  Glad he didn’t forget his tactical stethoscope.

Thoughts?  Do you operate that hard?  I have my PhD in Operations Management.