They had 45 minutes with the “real steel” before mom finished watching dancing with the stars and made macaroni and cheese:

0:09 – We’re of to a decent start with some downrange camera work.  Looks like the cameraman is off to the side, standing on the berm and likely zoomed it… but still not something I would do.  Shooter is all up in that gun vise like a real G. Full camo, knee pads, helmut, vest, and all just wishin’ an operation he could operate it would pop off at any moment.

0:56 – Ooooh burn, tried to put the magazine upside down in the magwell.  Oh well whatevs.  Wait a minute though… is he just emptying rounds into the berm?  No targets at all?  Innnnnnnteresting.

1:32 – Well that whole sequence was semi-painful to witness

1:38 – Oh wheeee more berm shooting complete with derp scan at 1:51

1:55 – Cinder block shooting with another derp scan.

Airsoft-Airhard*shrug* whatever floats your boat I guess.  Everyday, I realize more and more that I need to invest in Ammunition manufacturing companies and cigarette companies.  There is just never going to be a shortage of people who will burn through both ammo and cigarettes by the look of it.

You can check out their airhard operations on their YouTube channel OP3.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Two operators over at Outlaw Action Sports:

A vehicle op which they were kind enough to film for us.

TCAF-Terry-Mercenary-MikeLOL the new speed holes in the tailgate.  Damn that truck is BEAT.

Thoughts?  Would get beard grooming tips from?  Would operate with?

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So crucial:

Seriously guys.  The fact US training (mostly) overlooks the benefits of the strafing-while-shooting with alternating guys facing alternate directions spaced more than an arms length apart really grinds my gears.  LOL fml.

0:52 – Wow big surprise, someone took a round to the arm (I am told, according to the translation).  This is Sonny “Shoothouse” Puzikas levels of shocking!  I’ll be equally as shocked when Yeager’s down range camera man takes one for the team.

1:05 – “I’d like to apologize for the actions of these few.  They were being herbs and trying to emulate what they saw in some anime.  Please don’t judge us as a country based on the actions of these operators.  Thank you.”

I am told that the NSB is who had this accident and were doing the training (The NSB is apparently the Taiwanese equivalent to the FBI).

Cool story how the carry without one in the chamber too. *eye roll*  because that would be unsafe of course.  It’s obviously safety first with these guys hahahahha.

1:54 – That formation!  Charlie’s Angels-esque, I love it.

Taiwan-Operator-Shooting-TrainingThoughts?  I’m waiting for the “Mike… brah… the world is 360 degrees, that’s why they train like that.  Get off your fat cheeto stained ass and put some rounds down range maybe for once in your life.”

How lit are Taiwanese news graphics btw? Hot.

Gat tip: Mitori, Matthew


The AK guy, with some sound advice:


Yup sounds about right.

The AK Operators Union video he referenced, can be found here.

Unorganized Militia shirt in TriBrown looking good.  I need to start wearing that color more, I normally just default to my black shirts.



Oooooo 1-900-Tac-Talk:

Need to talk tactical? Call 1-900-TAC-TALK to start a tactical conversation with combat hardened operators right now, one on one. Want to talk about Beretta CX4 Storms, .40 S&W or maybe you’d just like to discuss 5.11 pants and shemaghs? No problem. We have 67 full time operators standing by waiting to discuss “what is MIL SPEC?” right now!!! We’re real and we can’t wait to listen to you describe every weapon you’ve ever held! Don’t wait, call now!

LOL Carnik Con knocks it out of the park as usual.  The tactical 900 thirst dude in the video is Peter Palma from Ms. Clean which I blogged about yesterday.

I remember those commercials coming on after SNL when I was younger (or maybe it was after In Living Color?  I forget).  Everything about those in this parody is dead on haha.

Tac-TalkWould operate with.  *calls number*

Hat tip: Smooth Operator,  MrMaigo, T


When your torso in a vehicle is exposed to incoming fire, this is what you need to do apparently:

Dallas Lloyd, Host of Tactical Environments and Lead Instructor for Premier Tactical Group looks at ways you can use your vehicle defensively if you have a situation where you need to shoot.

0:24 – The explanation of what’s about to happen begins.

1:00 – Wait a minute… what’s going on?

1:03 – LOLOL he’s actually doing it.  Is this real life?

Back-Seat-Operator-Maneuver-Dallas-Lloyd1:17 – AHAHAHAHHAHA the roll out of the truck into the prone position.  Pure comedy.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed after all that he didn’t do “the worm” to retreat back toward the tailgate, then proceed to get up onto it and engage more tangos.

Thoughts?  Are you training like this starting today?

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