Owen Martin

hahahahha they (FOX) actually refer to Owen as AK Jesus:


I can’t embed the video but you can check out out on Fox News.

Simplicity in design and engineering and old world craftsmanship to make new modern things… right on.

Always good to hear about Snakehound Machine, and Owen doing well.  For those that didn’t know, Owen has been growing his hair out for over a year to donate to Wigs For Kids, a foundation who makes wigs for sick children who have lost their own hair, additionally he donates his liquid bone marrow to help people in need.  Awesome guy.

Without the long hair he’ll still be AK Jesus to me.

P.S. I love how FOX filed this under “Science” on their site.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Turn your favorite rifle up to 11 with the loudener:

The idea forged deep in the bowels of Snake Hound Machine HQ by “AK Jesus” Owen Martin.

What’s not to like about this thing?  Just to be a dick you could use it to clear a busy public range by doing back to back mag dumps.  No one wants to shoot beside or anywhere near anyone that obnoxious… you would have the place to yourself in no time.


You can grab the loudeners in all thee calibers (Sept 1st expected release date): .308 Loudener, 7.62x39mm Loudener, 5.56x45mm Loudener.

Damn that .308 version is going to be a beast!  Even the 5.56 one in the video you could tell barked really mean.

I wonder what the price on these things will be?



If you have to ask what that is, you’re not operator enough:

One handed press checks are also really handy for those who dual wield.  You can’t look like a newb fumbling with your guns… setting one down looking at it… setting other one down.  That shit is embarassing.

Owen-Martin-SnakehoundThe operator you see in the video is Owen Martin from Snakehound Machine.  Owen is also known by his moniker “AK-Jesus” for good reason… the guy builds a mean AK.  Now that he has risen (yea Easter joke Hyuk huyk) I’m sure he has crazy backorders, but give him a call if you need an AK.

Thoughts?  Anyone want to one up this one handed press check somehow?  I’m always interested in reducing my drag coefficient (which is already incredibly low for someone that just talks about operating on a website, and doesn’t actually operate).