Polymer80 in their crosshairs:

It doesn’t seem like this “ghost gun” hysteria is going to go away.  I highly doubt banning them will have any affect at all on criminals, since there are plenty of other illegal ways to get guns.. but I’ve been wrong before.  Completing an 80% frame is pretty low-friction / low-effort though I suppose.. especially if pop-up style shops exist just to complete those to sell to criminals.


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It was only a matter of time before they did the P80. This beat rides:

People that own Polymer80 guns tell me the polymer80 is popular.  I haven’t really seen any around, so I’m just taking their internet word for it.  If you’re interested in machining one with your GhostGunner it looks like the Polymer80 starter kit will run you $200.  The total cost of making one P80 this way:

P80 Standard pistol frame kit – $160
P80 Defdist starter kit – $200
Defdist Ghost Gunner 2 – $2000
Glock slide – $450 – $600
Total: $2800 – $3000.. give or take, depending on which Glock Slide you go with

That’s obviously high, but once you own the Ghost Gunner 2 you can crank out as many as you want for $160 each (plus the price of a Glock slide $450-$600).  I’m sure the code for a basic Glock slide will be the next up.  Since Glock itself is now doing everything in the factory such as front slide serrations, optic cuts etc.. I don’t really know if the piehitters are that gassed about the incredibly high priced aftermarket Glock makers anymore?  Again, I don’t really know anything I’m just speculating on the psychology of it all.  The one thing that comes to mind that Glock isn’t doing is that PaTeNtEd AcCeLeRaToR CuT (yet)… I wonder if the GhostGunner 2 cuts those? haha really I hope not.  Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if someone mistook your GhostGun-2’d Glock for a SaLieNt or worse, thought you were an AgEnT?  I couldn’t handle that, but I fully realize that in some people’s circles, the ownership of one of those vaults you up a couple ALPHA WOLF tiers without having to say… do things like actually lift weights, or tell everyone how offended you are at the recent Gillette commercial.

PS I didn’t realize the beat in the video was a pre-existing song (Andy Stott – Selfish) until I read the comments. I assumed Paloma put in some work on the 808s in between fighting for gun rights.