“Painting with bullets”.  Meh:

Yawn another Indiegogo campaign.  Shooting at paint cans and spraypaint canisters and calling whatever you have them to splatter onto “art”, is hardly new.  Heck even FPS Russia did that at least once and then auctioned off the canvas.

This short form documentary will focus on me putting an explosive twist to the technique of splatter painting by using high-powered firearms (12-gauge, AR-15, .44 mag, etc) to create a new series of Skull and Flag paintings. All of this artistic carnage will be captured on a Phantom high-speed camera that’s fast enough to capture a bullet in flight and the crazy splatter effects created when bullets hit paint.

Why it’s necessary to raise $6000 to “document” the artist process is beyond me. There is so much high-speed footage of everything under the sun being shot… it’s not going to change my life seeing another bullet go through another spray paint can. I can get that for free right now WITH some Larry Vuitton ad-libs (YA DAWG! That’s what I’m talking about!).

The reward levels really aren’t even worth discussing… however if you click through you’ll see the lower levels ($25 – $100) consist of a couple different “prints” (yes not originals).  One of a regular USA flag but with 50 bullet holes for the stars, then another clipart looking skull with paint splattered on it.  The originals are also up for grabs at the $500 – $1200 reward level.  I don’t see those being worth the money at all, but what do I know?

Karl-Ford-Painting-With-BulletsI seriously can not wait until we are living in a post-crowdfunding-everything world.  For actual revolutionary ideas and products I think it’s amazing, but there is just too much “noise” on those sites.  By noise I mean there are way too many people who aren’t doing anything groundbreaking, just hoping they can market themselves and their “value proposition” well enough to get some quick cash.  It’s painful to watch.

Thoughts? Anyone plan on throwing Karl some money for ammo so he can have some fun shooting at paint with his bros? Oh you’ll get a print (or original if you’re a baller) out of the donation, don’t worry. :P


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Popped collar and all… LOL I love it.

The artist is Mike Mitchell, you can check out his website – HERE


Nothing like getting muzzle swept by 840 painball guns simultaneously. I wouldn’t walk in front of that beast.


I like Jack In The Box better than McDonalds so this doesn’t upset me one bit.  I actually can’t even remember the last time I ate McDonalds.  Jack In The Box I can remember, but that was a number of years ago as well.  Five Guys is my newest favorite burger place, second to In-N-Out Burger which sadly only has locations which are far away from me.

I’m not sure who the author of the painting is is, as I cannot read the signature.



Make sure you watch it in 720P

This video is from the same guy I blogged about a few days ago regarding Fake Guns And Video Editing. Make sure you watch the behind the scenes footage to see how to do it.

Pretty awesome stuff, I want to give light painting a try.


On 1 April, TACOM Life Cycle Management Command issued the Maintenance Information Message MI 10-040 “Camouflaging Specific Small Arms” stating that, given command approval, Soldiers are permitted to camouflage the M4/M16 weapon systems with paint.

See the guide in PDF format – HERE

As the guide says at the end, weapons painting has been elevated to a fine art. I don’t know where the awesome examples I saved on my harddrive went, but some of the paint jobs I have seen are breathtaking.  The example the have in the PDF is pretty weak looking as far as artistry goes, although it still would likely look better than black in the right environment.

I’d like to see the military started paying soldiers that are also artists extra money to paint rifles. The talented guys shouldn’t have to work for free just because their whole unit would rather not walk around with the plain old black color scheme.