hahah Funker Tactical GN; what a silly goose:

bruH ūüėā.¬† Oh well, whatever works.¬† I just hope that entire house is his, because if he has downstairs roommates or neighbors they are going to hate him.

He should tape a knife ūüĒ™ to that chair to up the realism a bit.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Semi-acceptable at first glance I suppose:

BRZN is a collection of bullet casing jewelry. The bracelets are made with .22lr bullet casings, colorful camo paracord and wire. Each piece is handcrafted with a combination of new and sustainable materials to create something rugged, fun, eye-catching and different.There are over twenty styles of paracord available in two bullet casing colors.

A couple of .22LR brass casings, some paracord with a bendable wire inside for rigidity. ¬†Meh… if you like the look not bad right? ¬†Sure until you look at the price: $49 ¬†I shit you not.

Lets break down the costs incurred by this enterprising young man (from Chicago no less):

  • .22LR brass (free unless you’re an idiot)
  • 6″ of 550 paracord (worth around $0.05 at retail price)
  • 6″ of bendable craft wire (I’ll generously say this is worth $0.05 as well)
  • Miscellaneous¬†item that keeps wire inside the .22LR brass (I’ll give this a generous estimate of $0.10)
  • Labor (Heck lets be generous again and say this guy’s time is worth $60 per hour and he can do one every minute… so labor cost per item is $1)

Total Cost: $1.20

Yea that’s a $1.20 cost (but likely much less) on a $49 item, and to add insult to injury he won’t even ship the damn things for free.

Looking at his Etsy sales he has sold 25 of these since his store opened on September 6th of this year. ¬†Now that’s not a lot, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a complete failure either considering he pulled in $1225….. $1195 of which was profit. ¬†That’s a decent¬†amount¬†of beer money (or in his case possibly a few cases of low fat coconut water infused with chai extract and lingonberry vapor.) *slow clap*

Head over to his Etsy store BRZN for the goods.



Terrible looking product shot, no shot of a model wearing it, and a terrible looking website where you can buy it for $20. ¬†If after that trifecta of fail you still have a lady in your life you want to see in this thing then I suppose you should head over to purchase it and cross your fingers that it’s good.

I only posted this because I talked about the paracord bikini top that the same company made a few weeks ago.



For the girl that likes to keep it tactical, even at the beach:

$25 over at Paraphernalia Gear. ¬†They don’t sell bikini bottoms to go with it. ¬†Weak that they don’t have it on a model in any pics. :/


Hat tip: Reggie