You know the party is about to get good when someone shows up wearing one of these:

For $10 on Amazon I don’t think you can go wrong. The alcohol gun should be mandatory as well.

What a slim looking dude… must be all the partying.  LOL


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I guess in Pakistan no one cares where the bullet actually ends up.


People walking everywhere. people shooting in every direction, guns being passed around freely, kids everywhere… I wonder how many people get injured per year from celebrations such as this?

When I saw the guy at 3:25 with the umbrella I was expecting some sort of batman’s penguin style gun… but sadly my hopes turned to disappointment when I realized it simply started to rain.

These guys hold their guns weird.  Looks like most of them shoot with a half assed limp wristed grip.  Also, most of them couldn’t maintain a safe muzzle direction to save their life.

Is there a 5 round magazine limit in Pakistan? It seems like that is all each of them is shooting in a row.

I wonder if their is a Pakistan equivalent to the Brady center? :P