pellet gun

I studied the blade for decades, and they have the AUDACITY to dull its edge with pellets.  Very disrespectful:

This video was incredibly anticlimactic… but I suppose that’s what you get when you use a pellet gun.

I always think the “Gav” on his lab coat says “Gay”.. then I go “he he he he” to myself.

I wonder how much SOG paid them for using their knife and for plugging it at the start?

Thoughts (if you have any)? I wonder what the new “high speed camera” will be… by that I mean the new trend. I really thought quadcopter footage would have caught on more than it has seemed to. I’m also wondering if you could mount a high speed camera on a quadcopter and program a flight path in it somehow then get a sick moving slow motion shot.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I was fully prepared to be mad at the kid’s grip, but he actually was pretty damn good:

Come-And-Take-ItDudes be like “What? But they already sell 9mm handguns.”.  Me: *mad*

I’m kind of disappointed that kid didn’t do 30 press checks, a trex snatch back, and a derp scan after every shot.

I had a few CO2 and Air guns before I had real ones.  Definitely a good and inexpensive way to start.

This ad definitely wasn’t as lit as the previous ad where they first introduced the entire airgun line.

Thoughts? You waiting on the Magnum Research or Hi-Point line of air guns?


Taofledermaus takes an extended look at the SHTF novelty:

0:43 – “In the pellet gun community…” LOL I had no idea there were pellet gun communities… I guess it makes sense though.  Some pretty expensive pellet guns out there (olympic and what not)… it isn’t just Walmart stuff I know.

Taofledermaus really is “the people’s gun YouTuber”.

Keanu-WoahHere is PART 1 in case you missed it.  Kinda useless I suppose in the end… still cool though that it somewhat works, even though the accuracy is crap.



Skip to 3:00 to see it in action.

Wow, I wish something like this was around when I got my first pellet gun. I guess being “full auto” makes it more of a grown-up version though, probably not the best for a little kid.  Too many things could end up with dents or holes when you get into spray and pray mode on nuisance animals.

$550 for basically a modified painball gun is too steep though if you ask me. Having full auto (even though its a pellet gun) without jumping through NFA hoops is pretty cool though.

Looks like a real pain in the ass to load up that belt.

You can check it out Air Ordnance’s website – HERE