picatinny rail

My only question is… when is the quad railed version coming out?


Damn son, they did it!  *facepalm*  The Cowwadoody TIER -13 basement dweller operational operations ninja will think this is the greatest idea since black anodizing.  If you’re not part of the temple index / notch hat / forward roll / low speed high drag community though, you’re probably going to think this is retarded… BUT still kinda want one.  Just imagine if you will… you could mount that picatinny axe blade, a video camera,  a ball sack, a photograph of your favorite thing in the world, a ZiP .22LR handgun,  and even some covers for that remaining rail space you just can’t find anything small enough to attach to!  OMG Jeffrey, think of all the love the homies and the ladies at the range will show you.   Will it feel weird having all that weight on the end pulling downward, where your wrist is acting as the fulcrum? –   Pfffffffffffffffff GTFO with your pedestrian concerns, operators are trying to operate over here.

Just in case your hopes were up for adding something as boring as a fore grip like in the picture… the ATF want’s their cut according to the Alpha Dog Silencers Facebook page:

The ATF’s Firearm Technology Branch issued a ruling on the addition of a fore grip to the rail of our Alpha Series Suppressor… A SECOND tax stamp will be required as they consider this an AOW. For those interested in pursuing this, please let us know in advance of your purchase so that we can “manufacture” the AOW for you. If you manufacture it = $200 tax stamp prior to manufacture. If we manufacture it, then transfer it to you = $5 tax stamp!

One of the most shocking things about all of this is that Alpha Dog Silencers actually has a VERY nice looking website.  Heck, if you don’t like the product at least click through to give the site a sniff.

Alpha-dog-silencer-picatinny-rail-lightDoes anyone else find it kinda odd they went with “Alpha Dog” not “Alpha-dog” or “Alphadog”?  Just me?  I thought it was something alpha to silence dogs when I saw the email.

Thoughts?  What are you mounting on your fantasy Alpha Dog silencer setup?

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Does the thought of empty picatinny rail space makes you sad?  DERP up your rifle!

A confidence boost knowing Buck Yeager approves whatever OP I’m currently engaged in:

Vigilant Spectre reminding me to “Stay Vigilant”, because sometime even the best of us forget:

You can pick from a lot of different snap-on options over at the Custom Gun Rails website for around $25.  *add witty internet nerd criticism about running the site on a subdomain and having nothing on the main domain, the fact they use a low end template and the navigation is shit, the company logo is some rookie lolz, and more general asshole-ish observations*

The above two examples are definitely what I’m going to write the company about sending me.

I’m really surprised Arm-Tape-Costa-Lupus hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon yet.  He could rep all sorts of operator brand logos during classes, getting paid just to show up.

One last thing, this line from the Custom Gun Rails website product pages kill me:

Our products have been deployed with Special Ops and conventional units all over the world and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Special Ops?  Guys, are you sure you didn’t mean Special Olympics?  I can’t see why special ops units would use something as frivilous as this.  Oh wait never mind… they probably have the BLACK OPS ones.


Hat tip: Rick, Paul


These guys make it easy:

The knife and picatinny mountable sheath is $135 over at Tops Knives.  That seems like a lot, but can you really put a price on having a rail accessible backup knife? :P

I wonder how long until larger brands start pumping out picatinny rail sheaths for existing knives in their lineup?



Strikemark reminded me that they sent a mount my way back in 1985… So I dug up some pictures:


My primary weapon system in all its glory:

This was state of the art back in ’85.  The amount of combat/operations footage I got with the pictured setup was unreal.

Lots more pictures after the break.

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Really guys… Really?  Might as well go full retard, extend the barrel, add a shoulder thing that goes up, chrome it, and sneak a low profile knife onto that top picatinny rail.

Seen on the cover of American Handgunner magazine last year too (shown left).  Must not be selling too well because they are trying to push it through email.  Big surprise.


Touted as “The #1 Gun Accessory That No Respectable Gun Wants To Be Without”:

LOL well that’s sure to either offend or get some people ROFL’ing.

Only $20 on their website… how can you NOT buy one?

This is even funnier than its predecessor “truck nutz”.  Check out some pics of Gun-Nutz in action:

I propose that people start open carrying with these attached to their handguns. It would probably do a lot to break the ice with the anti-gun crowd, unless they have no sense of humor.  Just watch, they would probably sneer out some smart ass remark like “Oh, you need to carry a gun, but you’re not worried those balls will mess up your reload time?”

Thanks to Jon V. for the email! Keep them coming guys.