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I post a lot of Demolition Ranch videos because they are awesome, but did you know Matt is a Veterinarian as well?

Matt is such an amazing person, seriously.  Go through a few of those videos… they are so awesome.  My #lifestyle and penchant for cleanliness doesn’t really lend itself well to owning pets, but when I see videos like this one above I almost reconsider.

The only downside to those videos is, I get to thinking “WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?”.  I’ve never saved a living being.  We’ll I rescue bugs from my condo sometime by throwing them out the window and feel pretty damn good about myself, but besides that nothing.  Please someone tell me that a shirt a made saved your life, or else created a life with a woman because you looked so damn good and she couldn’t resist.  That would make me feel a bit better.

Vet-RanchMake sure you check out Vet Ranch, and subscribe to him for updates.  Matt is wearing the ENDO Pistol Whip shirt in the video if you’re interested.

Gat Tip: James who reminded me how amazing the channel is.


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Neighbors are seeking an apology from Camden police after a Friday night incident in which they say a dog was shot by officers who were carelessly firing on a street crowded with children.

The dog was killed around 9 p.m. Friday after officers responded to calls of a fight between teenagers in the Baldwin Run neighborhood of the city’s Rosedale section.

But neighbors are also concerned by what they said is an excessive use of force after bullet holes were found sprayed around the neighborhood. Shots went through through the walls and windows of a home four houses away and punched holes in several vehicles parked in nearby driveways.

Neighbors said they counted 33 rounds of bullets based on the police investigation on Saturday.


  1. There was a wandering dog, the police showed up
  2. The dog was a pitbull
  3. It’s name was capone
  4. Camden NJ is so gangsta that not even google street view goes there.

The conclusion is unsurprising.  Chances are the police are gonna get away with this one. Sad…

How were the police able to get that many shots off so quickly?  Are they using high capacity assault clips now? :P