plaxico burress

Dude.. have some self respect.

If you forgot why Plaxico Burress spent two years in jail for some gun related stupidity, check my past post – HERE

Considering Plaxico’s time in jail wasn’t related to “gun violence” I don’t see how this really relates to the Brady campaign. Oh right, their endgame is actually to ban all guns PERIOD, so they will find any excuse to make them look bad.


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Back on November 28th, 2008 Plaxico Burress (NY Giants wide receiver) accidentally shot himself in the leg (with a glock nevertheless LOL)  at a NYC nightclub.  Yesterday he get got sentenced to 2 years in Prison.

Looks like Plaxico could have used one of these *rolls eyes*:


Or better yet, CARRY YOUR GUN IN A DAMN HOLSTER! Come on man… Uncle Mike’s holsters are around $7.  Oh yea.. you’re in the NFL, treat yourself to a $80 Comp-Tac!

Hilarious youtube parody:


Full story at – HERE