haha damn, the police are stealing from unlocked cars to prove a point.  Savage:

Dorthy-Wizard-Of-Oz-Police-StateHow is this even legal?  It’s my business If I want to leave something inside my car.  I can see if someone left an unsecured firearm out in plain view on the dash of un unlocked car, ya that would be concerning and irresponsible.  If I leave an ipod out in the open, the police are just going to jack it and make me drive down to get scolded and pick it up?  What the hell?  No chill, I’d be mad.  Seems that “caretaker provision” in state law they mention at 0:35 is why they can do this.  I wonder how many person of interests’ car’s in CT are found “accidentally left unlocked with valuables visible” *big air quotes with fingers there for emphasis*, giving the police a reason to go in and rummage through.

1:25 – This old lawyer at the end keeps it 8 more than 92.

What’s next? You live in New Haven and leave the blinds on your house open and police can see your 55″ LED TV from the road, the sneak up and try the door?  Then when it’s unlocked they tip toe in, pink panther it, and leave you a “pick it up at Police HQ” note?  haha yea I can’t see that ending well.



So a specific phone was invented:

Taser-Axon-Head-Mounted-Camera-PoliceMeh this could have been way funnier if the acting wasn’t so rigid.  I haven’t posted any filmed open carry “AM I BEING DETAINED?!” type videos on here lately but I’m sure people are still trying hard to troll.  Leonard Embody (kwikrnu) actually crossed my mind a couple days ago… I wonder if he has baited the police enough to cash in on a lawsuit yet?  He’s definitely the type to have his name on “red-alert-wake-me-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-with-a-foghorn gooogle alerts” at any mention of his name, so hopefully he will stop by and chime in.



VICE asks some people worldwide:

0:25 – Whooo sup Milène?  She looks like a girl who I dated for a couple months.  Now I just see her online.  Probably for the better… she was 39, she didn’t “get” memes, and that clock was ticking.

I’m not really that surprised that internationally people have a negative opinion of them, especially considering all the negative crap the media puts out which people catch on camera.  Thankfully I’ve actually noticed there seems to be some effort lately with the media reporting GOOD stories about the police too.

3:35 – “Police have too many weapons. They should only have a taser MAYBE.”  -Cool story from a Mexican bro

Taser-Axon-Head-Mounted-Camera-PoliceMeh… definitely one of those VICE videos just to scrape in a few extra ad dollars.  I like a lot of their stuff but some of it is like “Why bother?”.



Look ma no hands:

Mexican-Police-Motorcycle-StuntingStunt!  Stunt!  Stunt! Stunt!

Funny thing is in Mexico these guys probably got a promotion when their supervisor saw this vid.



Holy…. these two geniuses in La Quinta, CA:

Here’s the backstory:

We were on our way to my friends house and we were at a stop light. When the light turned green my friend began to make some weird motions and really freaking me out. I told him the light was green and he had a deer in a headlights look. A deputy walked up and asked what was going on I told him he was acting weird I don’t know. He asked if we had any weapons and I said ‘no.’

At this time my friend was still doing some weird motions and finally answered the deputies question if he was okay. I had mentioned that we’re in the middle of the street and he came to and stepped on the gas and drove onto the corner. I jump out of the car and walked out with my hands up and was standing where the recording took place. Deputy drives up comes out of his vehicle with his gun drawn. That’s when I decided to record.


Yea that doesn’t sound shady AT ALL! *sarcasm* *extreme eye roll*

I want to know what fastfood restaurant the cameraman (Alejandro Natividad) works at, and what his ARFCOM user name is just for my own satisfaction.

Since when are cops trained to take someone’s word for it that they aren’t armed?  Especially considering the shenanigans that went on beforehand. Note that the quote excerpt above is a direct from the camera man, so it’s not like the police made that up.

Oh and this is the best part – The driver of the vehicle was arrested for DUI of marijuana and released the next day.  So in summary, these two were most likely high as kites (or sure, “maybe” just the driver) and freaked out when the cops pulled them over… then the cameraman thought he was going to be a hero and take a stand for America and for mankind. *slow clap* Cool story bro, I bet you’ll get a ton of chicks with this badass video LOL.

Harold-And-KumarIt’s lucky for the cameraman those cops let him stand there and rant / cry.  I’m not one to promote a police state, but it seems like there was good reason for the cops to be nervous. Mainly because the cameraman was obviously extremely nervous. I’ve seen videos of guys shot over waaaaayyyy less than this.



OH LAAAAAAWwwwD this is surprising, but yet not at the same time:

The source is a Brazilian police fan page on facebook.

Even my girlfriend was like “Couldn’t they have just had a dummy that went across?”.  Me: *puffs chest out* These are big boy rules GurL.

Brazil-Police-Downrange-OperatorsBrazilian’s operate hard. Thoughts?

Hat tip: Krystian