precision rifle

Fire up those 1996 era computer fans and cool the shit out of your barrel:

Maaaaannnnnn if you pair this with the old school Cool Mag and Cool Fins, you’ll be able to do 0.000000012 MOA groups at 6.2 mi.

0:33 – “Point them back at your self as a personal fan” hahah *laughs in mtn dew and vodka sweat*

You better get your ass over to the Barrel Cool website and pick one up for $75 quickly before the sale is over and they go back up to $90. Don’t forget that USB battery too, or else you’ll be stuck at the range trying to jury rig some sort of cigarette adapter adapter from your FDE Tacoma or Punisher Edition J💀💀P.


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Pure awesome:

0:28 – Ok, it never said this guy’s name but I’m now assuming he owns / founded TrackingPoint.

TrackingPoint-American-Sniper-ShootoutChris Kyle’s wife Taya Kyle will be competing.  1:30 – $1 Million on the line!  She will be shooting on the TrackingPoint platform v.s. a world class shooting on a military (precision?) rifle.  I always think of a worst case scenario… can you imagine if this world class shooter beat Taya, and kept the $1M?  Oh man that would be like Jesse Ventura levels of butthurt across the board.  Will Jesse Ventura be at this shoot?  Uhhhhhh unlikely (see linked video).

Mason, TX – December 5th. Tickets are only $10 unless you’re Military / Police / First Responder / Fire dept, and then it’s free.  More info on the website where you can also make a donation if you wish.