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The fact that this needed to be made so that people could have an “AR-15” in some of the non free states, makes me want to cry:

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Oh and it starts at a cool $800, and comes in .223 and .300 BLK.  You can cry over it more by reading the details on the TROY website.

Whose man did this?  Who let this slide? LOL Thoughts?

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3:15 – When you don’t wear your eye pro, sometimes the shotgun will check you and fix that ;)  I can’t imagine wearing earbud headphones and shooting 3.5″ magnum loads is at all adequate for db reduction.

4:05 – Cool it actually did eject it.  I experienced the forend coming back like that when I had my Remington 870.. I didn’t think to do any science like he did though and shoot without holding it to see what would happen.

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOKnowing RN, I’m surprised he didn’t build some sort of spring contraption and force multiplier just ahead of the receiver to force the forend back ahead which would also chamber a new round.  On a slamfire capabable shotgun like the 870 Law Enforcement (and marine?) versions you could get an auto haha.



Oh lawd:

haha amazing.  More info over at Troy Defense.


Is there a legal reason they didn’t make a swinging (pin-able if needed) buffertube style stock instead?  That one looks kind of like a 3 year old designed it.  Everything else looks like it could be swapped out for other AR-15 parts.

Can it be slam fired? I’m guessing not :/