Hickok45 had to do it to em:

Hickok45 is consistently consistent.  This pumpkin killing video has been a halloween / fall staple on his channel for 128 years now (read 9 years).

I can’t even watch guys do fruit ninja stuff now without cringing.  A lot of people have hurt themselves doing that, but this is the video that sticks out the most to me.  It happens right at the start, and OUCH you can just feel the knife lodge itself in his hand for a second.


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Every year the halloween horse gets beaten.  Here are a couple videos, if you’re not tired of Halloween related shooting videos yet:

Glock-PumpkinWell there you go haha.  Holy, Hickok45 is on his 7th year of that.

Thoughts?  Are you over the seasonal vids as much as I am?


Holy shit is is epic. I give you the dark lord of black ops:

count-tacula-james-tfbAs the #1 comment says – “James is the best thing about TFBTV”.  I’ll go one step further and say he’s the best thing about the firearm blog PERIOD.  I have a love/hate relationship with a lot of blogs, once it becomes all about the money.  You know what I’m saying because I’ve complained about it numerous times.  I’m talking about annoying unrelated ads, popups, summary RSS, sponsored posts etc…  I’ll always be in ENDO for the sport.  Sure I’ve monetized the site in the past, and once I get around to figuring out how I want to unobtrusively work it into my new design, I’ll likely monetize it again with 3rd party ads.  For me though, on principle I need to give you guys the content the way you want to have it, without having to jump through hoops or be annoyed.



Damn this is violent:


Winchester-Pumpkin-Spiced-AmmunitionImportant Note: Once you hit the timestamp of 0:55 quickly pause then skip to 1:02.  Reason for this is that Steve Lee is the absolute worst.  That’s not just my opinion either, it’s an actual fact.  Snopes verified.



LOL this guy.  Gross:

VizualCandi-Rickyhahah ummm.

On a related note, hayloft shenanigans are the best.  I used to run mad operations in my grandpa / uncle’s hayloft it’s lucky I didn’t break my everything.


Kidnapping some pumpkins, and taking them out to the desert to execute them:

Pretty standard stuff for pumpkins that are behind on payments… I hope PWS keeps up the vids.  They had that Tactical Forearm Lengthener one so recently, I wasn’t expecting another so soon.

Pumpkinapping-PWSI like the editing and post production done on the video.. looks pro.