This is creepy / amazing:

Behind the scenes:

wolfensteinWow Pwnisher definitely puts a lot of time (and likely money) into his vids, and it shows.  The camera work, acting, and locations are great.  Sure there were discrepancies like the blue sky when it was absolutely pouring rain, but hey pretty amazing all in all.

haha @ those Plasma touch globes on that one guy’s backpack.

I mentioned in the last post, make sure to check out his Cardboard Warfare series of videos also.

Chase from the Facebook comments put me onto the fact there’s a new Wolfenstein video game coming out.  Click the link to check the trailer… it looks pretty crazy.



Pwnisher is coming out with a movie May 11th:

wolfensteinWolfenstein is so old school.  I know some of you guys who read the blog are probably too young to have played it, but for a lot of us that was like the gateway drug to everything else video game related, period.

Pwnisher always delivers with the vids, so I’m sure the movie will be impressive.  You might know him from the Cardboard Warfare series of videos… if not check them out.



Freddiew and his boys attempt to bring it:

Cardboard-M4-M16-AK47-TrollMeh *sigh*.  The reason the first Cardboard Warfare movies were good, was because they were lower budget and had more action.  Adding visual effects to simulate cardboard hardly has the same effect.

Thoughts?  Did you like this one at all?  Maybe I’m alone here in my dislike.


It’s finally out, and 25 minutes long!

It’s after 4am and I haven’t slept yet so I haven’t got a chance to watch it.   I skipped through it and stopped at a few parts, it looks EPIC as predicted.



The guys really “brought it” with Cardboard Warfare 1, and even with Cardboard Warfare 1.5 …. Cardboard Warfare 2 looks like it’s going to be on a whole other level of awesomeness.   

According to the end of the video, the release date is September 22nd!