“It’s a no knock raid / don’t be afraid / we’ll shoot your dogs / infront of your kids”:

That first line would be funny if it weren’t true.

The song/video is really well done, make sure to watch the whole thing.


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Sounds reasonable. LOL

I can’t believe shit like this.  I like that kid in the video, If I had thousands of extra dollars kicking around i’d pay off his loan for him, just for handling the whole situation like a boss.


70 Apparently… and this is the best part:

Ludco Gun Shop owner Fred Ludington was arrested this morning on federal charges. Ludington was charged with selling firearms to felons and non-Indiana residents.

Damnit Fred! Didn’t you know that the ATF is already in that business?  I wouldn’t take to kindly to someone cutting into my margins either.

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The pic is in reference to the beatdown some IDF soldiers got when they tried to raid a Gaza-bound flotilla.

You can check out this video below:



[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Pretty crazy stuff… Not only did they land a helicopter on the top of containers on the ship, but they went in and took the pirates alive and confiscated their weapons. Badass!

One of the scariest parts of the video was at 1:50 the lead guy looks in the shattered window and decides it safe and continues on.  Then a few seconds later, the rest of his team has their guns pointed in there yelling at a pirate to get out.  Pretty tense when you have armed pirates sneaking around on there armed to the teeth.