A brass ninja tutorial:

That’s HSLD as _ _ _ _!  I hate collecting brass so much, so I like that idea.

Picatinny-Rail-Mounted-Gas-Operated-Caseless-Reloading-PressI actually used to collect all of my brass, but then I realized I would never buy reloading equipment because a) I don’t shoot that much and b) reloading isn’t exciting enough for me to want to do it.  Lucky my buddy Jon is a brass ninja and avid reloader so I just started giving it all to him when we went to the range.  Yea I still have thousands in all my calibers tumbled ready to go that I kept “just in case”… but I really don’t plan on collecting any more.

Thoughts?  Are you a brass ninja, a brass robin hood?


Carnik Con gives us the ins and outs:

hahha this guy always delivers.  I especially enjoyed the type of animals each gun was designed to kill.


Pretty sad that only one guy they asked was willing to do an interview with him.  I hope it was because they didn’t want to be on YouTube though, not because they don’t have a sense of humor.



Capturing the action, while trying to stay alive.  The lord’s work really:

What company insures people that do retarded unnecessary jobs like this?  I hope they raise his premiums to 3x his yearly salary just so he might get the point that there are devices that will put him 100% out of harms way, and he is an idiot for trying to make a career from “oooooo look at what I do to get a good picture”.

0:28 – As a professional I carry the 70-200 is [virginal ???] for the range.  This allows me to keep a safe distance from the shooter being unobtrusive.

Sure he is not physically in the way of the shooter, but he is still way in front of the muzzle at 0:28, 0:33, 0:46

You know what though… I’m just being my usual asshole self.  We all know there has never been an accident by a professional shooter at a shooting range.

1:01 – And remember, learn to see the light.

I can’t help by think that’s some sort of reference to dying while standing downrange photographing people who are shooting.

Perfectly safe according to James Yeager.   To quote his ridiculous response video “It’s a scientific fact that true safety does not exist”. *eye roll* I think I actually may have read that in my Troll-sci 100 textbook back in highschool.

Panty-o loves to troll (most of the time by accident though I’m pretty sure).  You might remember Russian operator Sonny Puzikas’ AK Finesse video I posted about which went poof soon after.  I don’t think anyone saved it, so all we have is that glorious screenshot.  Oh and guess what… as I pointed out earlier in the post that guy ended up negligently shooting someone.  Who would have ever thought something like that could happen?

Despite those goofy Tour de France type brand sponsorship shirts, the ridiculous Nikon pink camouflage hat, and the fact he doubled down on paracord bracelets and threw some other rubber ones in there for good measure, Yamil Sued seems like a likable guy.  I just hope he tells his wife and kids he loves them before he goes and voluntarily puts himself in front of muzzles to get pictures which people are going to look at for 1 second and go “Hmm, neat.”.


Hat tip: Jason


Right after he did a photo shoot:

He really seemed to have a good time, which is good to see.  Can’t say i’m a big fan of his show though because of the DERP on it in the past.

NO HEAD SHOTS REGULATION TARGETS ONLY <--- wtf? So you can't head shot regulation silhouettes? Is that an attempt to save the target hangers? Thoughts?


Funny he came out with this vid, as I was just looking at renewing my indoor range membership so I can take a date there soon.  I probably should go brush up on my operator skills though, because when I last shot a few weeks ago it wasn’t anything to write home about.

1:40 – hahahahha tiger striped gold plated Deagle.  I’ve got a friend with a non tiger stripped .50 DE.. i’ll have to borrow it.  Thanks for the tip! :P

3:16 – “This little girl”  <— *shifty eyes*  stellar recovery though dude…  hahah

I’ll keep you guys updated when I take a girl to the range, and if I get schooled.  Tomorrow night I’ve got a date lined up, but i’m playing it safe and we’re doing sushi, ice cream etc… so I don’t think much could go wrong.



Finna’ see what it’s kickin like.  15 in the clip, one in the head.. 16 shots to a hater:

Despite the teacup grip his shooting wasn’t THAT bad.  As he says “No beam on the .40 just yet”.

Some words of wisdom for the aspiring rapper at 3:40 :

“We just protect our self.  Kids don’t think you motherf***in supa man jus cause you got a gun”

Unfortunately we don’t get to see any video of his “bad bitch at the house… that AR-15 ohhh man”.

Until next time… stay up Tray Plus.  From ya boy Mikey, Everyday No Mothaf**kin days off.

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