rate of fire

Check this out.  You can adjust the rate of fire:

That’s something new (to me anyways).  Guys in my Instagram post were saying it has existed on paintball for years haha… classic.  I’m not sure how much this specific version is, but they have a version 1.2 on the digitrigger website for $600.

This is how they say it works:

A firearm that is DigiTrigger enabled becomes a hybrid, with two distinct fire control groups. The first and primary one is the mechanical group, which operates exactly as the mil-spec trigger group originally found in the AR-15. The second is a microprocessor based firing system, which operates seamlessly with the mechanical trigger group. Since the second fire control group is software based, the user can choose between preset modes.

Cool stuff.  I don’t really have a use for it, but I appreciate the work that went into it.  Being a fan of both technology and firearms, I find it interesting at the very least when the two come together.  I still have hope that someday as technology continues to progress, a “smart” gun can exist without compromising safety and privacy.

Thoughts? The fudds would love a trigger that was limited to one round every 1.5 minutes.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This is cute I guess *shrug*:

God, everything has an app now. Unless you’re involved in some high speed gun mods, knowing your actual ROF is probably not that necessary. Gotta get that app money tho amirite?

This video came to me via a “press release”, which I likely mentioned before is up there with being one of the most painful things that exist in the marketing world. Basically a handful of thirsty af companies send over unsolicited mass emails daily in hopes I (and others) blog about their shit. Too make it all worse, in the age we live in a lot of these companies pay actual money to a third party to do this. Anyways rant \off haha. I guess it worked for them this time.

You can check out their website over at Tactical Measurements for more info.   Looks like it’s only available for Android right now.