Will Richard get a secret service visit because of this? Maybe the Obama impersonator will?

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-CaliforniaAw they missed a perfect opportunity to shoot a teleprompter machine to bits. Damn that guy’s Obama voice is pretty much dead on though.  I’d troll people on the phone non stop if I could sound like that.  I assumed Alphacat (the guy in the above video playing Obama) was the guy behind the Obama plays Call of Duty hilarious video, but I was wrong.


Richard Ryan delivers some slow motion and a report on what he’s up to:

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-CaliforniaRichard’s second channel is YouTube.com/Guns … what a sweet pickup.  I’m excited to see what he’ll do with that this year.

Wingsuit?  Red bull stunt planes? Getting into base jumping?  Richard you cRaaaaazy!

Richard is wearing the coffee brown California Flag No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Richard Ryan on that Lone Survivor movie breakdown once again:

Holy Richard is bringing this next level stuff quick, only a week into January!  I’m sure he has hundreds of fun ideas / toys lined up for the remaining weeks of 2014.

Richard-Ryan-ENDOThe Ferrari in the screen cap was a tease.  Initially I was like “Did he?”.  Oh well I always said “Fuck Dodge Neons” my whole life anyway, so well played on that car choice.

Fail on not saying “TO DA CHOPPAh!” haha.  The blades on that chopper and the spent brass raining out of the exhaust tube looked epic in slow motion.



Even though Richard Ryan is a civilian, he got his hands on the most deadly weapon known to man for this:

Richard-Ryan-M2-Browning-Ma-DeuceI know everyone forgave Recoil magazine and forgot that fiasco… I didn’t.  MP7 are so tight… I’d really like to get my hands on one someday.

Although I would have preferred to see mini-Richard in an ENDO t-shirt… the CarnikCon one was cool.



Richard Ryan puts .50 BMG rounds through a new PS4 for the lulz:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtThose side shots are always the best at turning electronics to dust.  *Dat shockwave*  peels that thing like a Mandarin orange.

As you can see Richard is rocking the Deagle Brand Deagle t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.  One of my favorites!

Richard does not Play around with his electronics destruction.  Is the PS4 as hard to get as I assume it is?  Or did Sony get all the supply issues they had with the PS3 at launch date all ironed out?


A preview of Richard Ryan shoots the new iPad Air through google glass:

Ugh… that hurts.  I went and saw this new iPad at the Apple Store last week, the screen is beautiful!  It’s funny how anticlimactic the shot is without slow motion.  Full video with slow motion up on Monday!

Richard-Ryan-Keep-Calm-ENDOGoogle glass is definitely something I’d like to try out, I don’t know how much use I would have for it though.

Richard is wearing the 1911 Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.