Researching and developing their asses off:

Oooooo!  Did they get to pick their own code names?  Either way, it would have been the perfect opportunity to troll a coworker and put him down as codename “BarbieFarts” or something random and hilarious.

Here’s another video about the same thing, but edited differently:

They have a lame website for The Rock, which doesn’t really have much info on it.

27-Remington-870-DressesThey need to get Mattv2099 on board in the Skunkworks R&D&T (the T stands for trolling).  How much do you want to bet you couldn’t jam a Remington 870 action full of mashed potatoes or strawberry jam, and have it still work fine?

I love how in order to make footage look cool the standard procedure is to saturate the colors, make the video look interlaced, and make the quality a refined version of shitty.



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Please Hammer don’t hurt em:

Research and development over at Gemtech results in some suppressors that don’t make the cut.  What do they do?  Naturally they head to the parking lot with them and a sledge hammer.

Good choice of music for the video.  Wow did I ever cringe at 0:18 seconds when he gave that suppressor the first whack and it launched into the air.   At least he had glasses on… not that those would probably do much.