RECOIL put the kid in a box… gave him all types of parameters and shit.  Oh and notice this video I was able to embed below is only a short “preview” *eye roll*:

Firepower-United-Phuc-LongOnce I actually jumped through the hoop by visiting the RECOILTV website and watched the inline unskippable ammunition ad the unembeddable video was alright I guess.  I’d ask the question “Why make content harder for people to consume?”, but at this point we know the answer is money.

The monetization of Phuc Long is a very real concern.  Firepower United was so pure before.


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Wow this was close:

Ok if this is actually real, then the camera man must have had multiple bullet whizz past either side of him.  Scary stuff.

AK-47-Kool-AidI think sometimes adults take a child’s confidence as a false reassurance that they can handle the gun in question.  Kids do NOT know how much an AK, or an UZI, or a MAC-11 etc.. kicks because they aren’t old and experienced.  Sure I imagine there are some operator kids that have seen some shit, but until that if you care about their life and your own you should probably refrain from handing them even a semi-auto and hitting them with the “go wild” type opportunity.  You’re going to probably have a bad time.  The fact the AK in the video was on AUTO blew my mind.


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Mattv2099 tries it out:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelI am actually surprised this worked.  I’m surprised because as he demonstrated the slide doesn’t go all the way forward, and it’s just sloppy and flops around.



Those springs and rails you sing about, bring em out:

If you want to skip to the interesting stuff, it starts at 2:05.

You can pick one up at ArkLaTex Tactical for $270.  What you’re getting is that rectangular piece with springs inside it, and a picatinny rail pictured below:


It’s basically an Atkins Accelerator when used in conjunction with a Slidefire stockThe ATF didn’t like the Atkins Accelerator, I wonder what they think of this combo? 

The best part of the whole video was this tacticool derp MAC:


Oh LAWD that’s just too impressive.  Needs more accessories on that top rail though!

Thoughts? 10/10 would operate with?  Anyone know the legality when used with the Slidefire?

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The LOLs start at around 45 seconds:

sammy-davis-jrI don’t know if those are the good guys or the bad guys, or if there are good guys are bad guys in relation to us.  I don’t really care, It’s just funny to see that people find shit like what’s in the video universally hilarious.

I can’t even fathom the amount of wasted ammo over there with those jokers.

Live leak really grinds my gears.  I couldn’t find the video on YouTube though.


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So he “stepped down” hahah stepped down… riiiiiiiiiight way to pretend the ball was in your court Jerry

If your new to this story you can read what Recoil magazine editor Jerry Tsai wrote about the HK MP7 in the hands civilians.

On the MrColionNoir video post on the topic I predicted this “stepping down” event taking place.  I’m not a psychic or anything.. it was bound to happen.

Jerry “Failsauce” Tsai’s long winded parting statement can be read over at FAILCOIL magazine‘s site, along with a statement from the parent media company.

I get bored easily with useless stuff like this, and frankly I didn’t think this was much of a scandal in the first place so it irritates me that I actually talked about it 3 times.  The thing that pisses me off the most is that this OUTRAGE caused them to gain around 1000 facebook fans from the number I recorded the day I found out about the scandal.  Like they say… no press is bad press.  How old is Paige Wyatt?  I’m thinking I should email her and see if she’s down for something scandalous that will net us both scrooge McDuck money and a bigger following.


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