Not sure how many of you like rap, but as I mentioned before i’m a huge fan.  It’s pretty much all I listen to.

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek (a.k.a. Reflection Eternal) are what I would refer to as “intelligent rap”, meaning the songs usually have a message, and the videos don’t just contain guns, girls, cars, and other eye candy.

Since this is a gun blog, I noticed this in their new video ‘Ballad Of The Black Gold’:

Looks like a compact model Glock… not sure what caliber.  The trigger discipline is nothing to write home about, but I still thought the idea of a Glock dripping in oil was a good visual in the context of the song.

For those that normally wouldn’t give rap a chance, I urge you to give the song a try. At the very least watch the video on mute.

If you’re still with me after that, and you are fiendin’ for more I urge you to check out Talib Kweli’s albums. The new album, Revolutions Per Minute, isn’t bad.. but if you really want to hear some classics check out Train of Thought or The Beautiful Struggle.   Another album I have to plug while I’m at it is Black Star … it is  in my top 10 favorite albums of all time.  On that album you get 13 tracks of both Talib Kweli and Mos Def, who some of you may know from his impressive movie career (IMDB Page)


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