About a week ago I reported on this incident, where Chicago’s Mayor Daley joked about shoving a rifle up a reporters ass:


So what would happen if you threatened Mayor Daley with the same thing?

Simple, you would be charged with making a threat against a public official. :roll: A double standard at its finest.

A San Jose, Calif., man was arrested Thursday for allegedly leaving a phone message at Daley’s office threatening to do the same to the mayor, a source said.

Christopher Fox, 39, was charged with making a threat against a public official, authorities said.

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LOLz at around the 1 minute mark :lol:

“Oh!” Daley said. “It’s been very effective!”

He grabbed a rifle, held it up, and looked right at me. He was chuckling but there was no smile.

“If I put this up your—ha!—your butt—ha ha!—you’ll find out how effective this is!”

“If I put a round up your—ha ha!”

Full Story – HERE

Was his mind the victim of some sort of “Freaky Friday” type switcharoo?… seems like something a 4th grader would say rather then a the Mayor of our 3rd largest city.

Yesterday Mayor Daley offered a half-assed apology:

“Sure, I’ll be sorry,” said Daley, who added that the focus should not be on his contrition. “I’m not going to sing the song ‘I’m Sorry’ now, but sure, you can write it. But I hope I shocked you that you can write about now the gun manufacturers.”

Shove it Daley.