I’ll warn you in advance, this video is a waste of your valuable time:

These guys are most known for the hundreds of shooting videos they have where they take girls to the range   I guess they decided to switch things up?

Airsoft in the video you say?  Could be I suppose.. but when they do the unsafe “safety” check at 1:54 they look pretty damn real, and look exactly like the real ones in all their other videos.  You can see the one of the left says M&P on the lower, which is quite obviously the same as the one is this video.

I’m starting to feel like an uptight safety Nazi on this blog, but really.. is it too much to ask for people to not treat guns like toys?

Also, isn’t it just common sense that if you’re doing retarded stuff like this in your free time, to not post it on the internet with your vehicle licence plate showing? Flordia “104 NHC” hey?  *search in database*  Result: Registered to a Mr. Hugh G Doosh  283 Asshat Ln. Miami Florida, 33101.

Prediction: This video won’t be up long.



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