ahaha this is unreal.  Firearms left behind by the U.S. Military:

So nice that the military even left him a laser and an ACOG 😬😂.

Oh man, I almost died of laughter when I started up this second video… YOUTUBE IS LETTING HIM MONETIZE IT with pre-roll ads 💀😂.  I suppose YouTube could be placing the ads themselves and not giving him the money, but either way it’s sus.

Sheeeeeesh M9 with the *chef’s kiss* battle wear.  You love to see it:

Honestly, this guy has a pretty good start to his YouTube Career.. 6/10.  I’m giving him a 6, only because I’m salty he got all that for free.  If he gets a tripod and a camera capable of 4k, it’s honestly over for the CONUS YouTube bros.  This guy is going to have Glocks with switches, develop a theatrical persona to appeal to cool teens and rebrand to “Khyber Pass Ranch” in no time.


Gat tip: Thanks everyone else who sent it.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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If you don’t protect the flock KEEP SCROLLING BUDDY.  Don’t hit play:

haha this is pretty good, like OG mattv2099 style.  I don’t want to spoil the jokes by time stamping them and writing them out to then in turn but the standard “LOL toooooo good” beside it, so just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Gat tip: Will, who in the email said “my friend showed me this video”… a classic line said by those sending in their own content.  I’m perfectly fine with that btw, you just should own it when it’s that good.  A classic ENDO story is that NOIR did the same thing to me when he started making videos…. I’m talking like way wayyy back when I was parent’s basement living and we both had better hairlines and less stress.  Next time I’m at my parent’s house *implying I don’t still live there* I should fire up that OLD pc, load up gmail classic and burn that email for a few days into an old LCD monitor that’s kicking around then get him to sign it and co-auction it with him on eBay for charity; to maybe to send a Sheepdog and his family to Disneyland.



Funker Tactical has some content:

It’s true.  They say the if your blog has “gun reviews” you get 1.6billion times more visitors than if it doesn’t.  Researching ‘why?’ sounds a lot like work, but I’m guessing because normies search google for cringey stuff like “Sig Sauer Tread Review” and “Taurus TX Review” etc.  Lucky I don’t care about views or getting free stuff.  Someday (we have discussed this in the comments in the past) I might flip the script and offer things like “I think your product is dumb, but if you pay me I’ll run a ironic promo for it” in response to emails… and just offer make up a big shitpost on the product (if I actually don’t like it).  You guys will know if/when I do that though, because it will be a train wreck and I’ll try to cut you in on the deal somehow with free product or something.  I think you’d be surprised at the amount of companies that have a sense of humor and be down for that… it wouldn’t be a lot but it would be more than you’d expect.  I bet if I lined up 100 sheephitters at SHOT and showed them my Sig Sauer Tread promo criticisms for instance, a good portion would want to punch me in the face because they strongly identify with the messaging, another portion would be like “I’ve never heard of that until now, but can you please get your neckbeard-having-mountain-dew-ass-breath-cheeto-fingers shoving an iPad in my face away from me?  SECURITY!”, and the remainder would feel it at their core like “HELL YA BRUTHER.  Where do I swipe my card to buy one?”.  Sig wins in every possible outcome.

Thoughts?  I feel like FuNkEr has been a little slow with the content lately.  I was thinking about that while blogging the other day, and was like I hope that dude is alright.  *shrug* We content creators (I’m lumping myself in that group for max cringe) need time off though too.  I’ll allow it.


This all happened before the book was even released yet apparently:

Here is the Amazon page where you can read the reviews for the black and white version, and here are the reviews for the color version.  It’s a shitty occurrence for sure to have people who haven’t bought the book leave a review, I’ll give him that.  If his past performance and “advice” is any indication of the quality of the book then I’m sure it’s a dumpster fire of bad advice and a regrettable $17 purchase.  Would make a good coffee table book either way though, just to troll.  I honestly HOPE and DREAM the book is amazing though, I really do.  We’ve seen people in this industry turn their lives around in the past after being trolled for their lapses in safety and bad judgement.  I believe VODA could potentially get there if he checked his ego a bit (a LOT).

Oh and naturally in the second video he’s saying the bad reviews were exclusively written by “caucasian males who follow / troll him on Instagram and call him ni**er everyday”.  Cool story bRah, that’s awesome Amazon updated their site so you could see what color of skin reviewers have.  Keep playing that race card.  You’re doing a great job of discrediting yourself, you don’t need “help” from anyone.

Thoughts? Did you buy his book?  I’m actually tempted to.


Breach Bang Clear did a review.  I’m loving the title:


Here are a couple better pics of the setup he decided to run:



Nice!  Make sure to check out the full review with lots more pictures on the Breach Bang Clear website.

You can grab the adapter at ENDO Tactical for $35.

Gat tip: Pierre, Mike, Ricky


Carnik Con delivers.  No bullshit, just cool shit:

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOI have zero desire to read or watch reviews normally, but this type I can do.

That shitty paint job he did on it is so operator.  Where can I get googly eyed targets?


Hat tip: James