Keeping little-ones’ booger hooks out of your handgun bang switches. Looking cool while doing it:

Lots more details, and you can get in on the initial run of these things over at the indiegogo campaign page.

The fit and finish looks incredible.  I get the hidden hinges, and the strength of the aircraft aluminum are impressive… but I’d really like to see this thing hit once with a sledge hammer, then see what’s up.  That said, this shouldn’t be a “safe”, but rather just a safer place to store a handgun if you have kids or other people running around your house.  Thieves are going to find a way into anything no matter what.

2:21 – The RFID wristband and ring are possibly the gaudiest things I’ve ever seen.  I’d probably try cutting the chip out and sticking it underneath my watch clasp or something if it’s really small.  The renders of the rings and the wristband in the indiegogo campaign are actually nicer looking, but still not my thing.  I’d rather just have a keyfob, be able to program it to an existing RFID keyfob I have, or baller status would be programmable compatibility with an owners subdermal RFID implant haha.

2:29 – Phone notifications and GPS tracking when someone tries to mess with your gun box.  See when your gun box ends up, grab some buddies with guns and see whats up?


  • $180 (Retail – $240) – Basic.. only has the RFID scanner
  • $225 (Retail – $300) – Biometric scanner and RFID scanner
  • $390 (Retail – $420) – GPS tracking, Biometric scanner, RFID scanner (Need to pay for GPS monitoring.. no idea how much that is)

Gun-BoxThe introductory pricing is really reasonable if you ask me.  Even the retail pricing isn’t bad at all for what you’re getting.  Sure there are cheaper storage solutions, but none are as cool.  In the end, isn’t the point just to try to look as cool as possible, as often as possible in life before we die?



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The watch sends a wireless arming signal to the gun. If the gun is picking up a signal from the watch, a green LED on the back lights up. Try squeezing the handle without wearing the watch, and you will see a red warning light and the gun will not fire. Anyone can pick up a limited edition version of the pistol for about 7,000 euro, which is pretty steep for a .22cal plinker. They start shipping next month. (Source – Wired)

7000 EUR = $9712 USD (at today’s exchange rate)… OUCH!

I know that I’m a watch snob, but that one just looks terrible!  What would have been wrong with using an RFID tag that you could just carry in your pocket that would communicate with the gun. The gun must take batteries too if it lights up, so there’s another thing to worry about.

I’d rather see electronics and guns stay away from each other in general, unless we are talking about railguns, those are awesome.

Armatix website – HERE

The page is in German, and for some reason does not cooperate with google translate.  I managed to navigate a bit on it though, and it looks like they sell a few other types of gun safety devices.


Sends an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) out and destroys the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag.

Looks like a good thing to do to those “Big Brother” type tags that are in passports and licenses. I don’t buy the whole “it saves valuable time” excuse.  Whats wrong with passports still using bar codes, or various other look up methods that don’t emit short range broadcasts of information?


The flashing light and sounds effects are a nice touch.

Definitely something you wont find in RFID for Dummies

How to build your own – HERE

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