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Rich Graham at it again.  Beard, bullets, and two of his buddies:

This “drill” looks about as useful as it is interesting.  Nothing much really happens in the video, but since the internet exists and is used by many as a place to stroke their egos we see Rich Graham convinced two of his buddies to stand ahead of where he’s shooting so he shoots past them at the “threat”.   Some of us gasp at how unnecessary having two live human beings stand in front of the line of fire for something like this is… others will comment or say to themselves “Hell yea brother”, because somehow this slight risk speaks to them… Rich Graham doesn’t conform  This is all done in a very slow and controlled manner thankfully, but that also makes it less interesting.

I miss Tactical Jostle Rich Graham.



Perfect example of training like you fight:

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Rich Graham of Trident Fitness gets it… well he gets how to troll for internet attention anyways.  I get that this is supposed to be a “strength” demonstration, not how to 1/2 of your body “the ground is lava” around like a tool with handguns like you would in a real life tactical situation.  Still though, they couldn’t have found something else to poke the dirt with?  “OH GO CRY ABOUT IT SOME MORE ENDO.  I BET YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE SCRATCHES ON YOUR PRECIOUS GLOCKS”.  I’ll have you know… that actually I don’t.  U mad? 😎  After closer examination 🔎 when I noticed the slides were not going back, these appear to be blue guns.  Oh well I still got hella triggered, and now am going to fold this into my training regimen, in between speed eating hot pockets, and downing DEWritos (a proprietary Mountain Dew Doritios blend, I developed with nutrition scientists last time I was in space).

Thoughts?  You about to knock out some pushups with your dual hi-points this fine evening after a jug of Carlos Rossi?

I know I’ve mention this before, but Rich Graham and I go way back.  I wonder if he’ll leave some fake comments on this post praising the merits of “1/2 body, ground is lava” training.  He’s probably one of my favorite characters in this community tbh.

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LOL this… he hits us with the backwards roll.  Just a little finesse for your ass on this fine Saturday:

Man that Humvee is on point though.  No doors is such a flex… also I’m really digging that spray can camo job.  It’s like the least pretentious thing on earth, and at the same time also the most pretentious thing on earth.

Oh shit, and at the end of the video he wilds out on the scan.  We see just shy of the full 360, but it’s still amazing.

Me and Rich Graham’s mom: “You’re doing amazing sweetie”

Thoughts?  Would do one of these supine engagement options?  Rich Graham has a bit of a history on this blog haha.



The instructor in the video is Rich Graham, we go way back.  The Fog of derp post, and his reply is such classic ENDO.  I’m happy that he’s putting out post-worthy videos again.

Would this stuff “work” in a real life situation?  I don’t know, potentially I guess?  That said, I could easily make a youtube video where I create a bunch of moves to make me look cool by using a compliant guy to demonstrate on.  If nothing else, Rich Graham is quite creative in this and it would look good in a movie.

Naturally I see one of the videos he put up recently which I posted about, disappeared.  :(


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Combatives… shooting… very casual.  Holy… wow… I thought this was a parody video at first:

This is Rich Graham.  I blogged about him a bunch in the past… this man is a legend and he INVENTED the TACTICAL JOSTLE.  Holy looking back at the comments on a few of those posts his jimmies got pretty jostled that I poked fun at some of the stuff in the video.

“Developed for the police officers down in Central / South America” he says.  Man he is loving that tactical t-rex aka “sul position”.

Watching the video he’s really confident in what he’s saying, it almost has me convinced.  Like right now I’m sitting here starting at 4:41 SKEPTICAL AF… and then he’s talking and talking and as time goes on I’m really like “Ya you know, holding the gun like a microphone… tactical Barbara Streisand seems like a good idea”.

6:39 – That transition tho.  Pure butta on a hot summa day.  When from “one mic” to “I love rock & roll”.

7:22 – This man just said to use the magwell as a hammer… hit the guy in the head with it.  haha

13:39 – In his conclusion he says he has been developing and working on this technique “for years”

I never thought I’d make it through a full 14 minutes of this, but wow the time just flew by.  So entertaining.  Oh and to make things even sweeter, he’s got a retention holster on his hip.

Thoughts?  You off holding the gun by the grip now?  You only holding the gun like a microphone… like you’re singing sweet tactical tunes into it?  You calling tactical t-rex “sul” because it sounds more cultured?  I have so many questions after this video.

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Another day another “training” method.  I present the jostle-max loosey-goosey drill.  Shawty get LOW LOW LOW LOW LOW:

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From the description:

Today I was demonstrating to the class a “DRILL” to stay loose and on target by adjusting to impacts using feel, footwork, and body movements to deflect, release, or compensate for the disruption. This drill will really test your body position & balance, while connecting combative fight training with shooting.

All shots impacted silhouette at 5 to 7 yards. Again this is a skill-building DRILL.

Also you can see my post on Instagram and my follower’s comments here.

Oh god I almost died when he repeatedly does that lil ass twist move for what looks like no reason. Granted again I’m sure there’s some tactically operational reason I’d never understand.

Jostle-Training-Shooting-Rich-GrahamI’m definitely not operator enough to understand this.  Sometimes I wonder if guys that do all this unconventional “training”, are on board with all the other guys who do similar unconventional stuff.  Like for instance does the guy in this video, Rich Graham (who I’ve posted about a few times and who got VERY upset) think that oh I don’t know… a dry-fire academy, and standing on someones chest while you shoot, and say advanced forward rolling techniques are useful and completely valid forms of training?  Or do all these guys scoff at how not operator the other school’s methods are?  Maybe they get kind of disappointed in themselves that they didn’t think of ____ first?  I called 2015 “The Year Of The Jostle” (some past vids here and here), but it looks like it’s still alive and well in 2016.

If you think jostle-max loosey-goosey is the future and is here to stay, I’d really like to hear why.  If you don’t I’d like to hear why also.  Go spend your hard earned money with Rich Graham over at Trident Fitness if you like what you see.

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