Richard Martinez

The 2nd Amendment is open for debate… actually the entire constitution is:

0:25 – Whoa whoa hit the breaks after that… what’s the next sentence Richie?  oh right it’s “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.  *smh* How much more clear can that be?

0:29 – *eye roll* at the right to have a tank comment.  NEVER have I heard that one before. *sarcasm*

constitution0:39 – SEGWAY LIFE.  #SquadGoals.  Side note on Segways, my dad and I did a Segway tour of downtown Chicago shortly after Segways came out.  Even though it’s impossible for two 6ft+ tall guys too look cool wearing bike helmets and backpacks standing on those… that shit was so awesome, I couldn’t even.  There’s always one person in the squad who can’t quite get the hang of it either, which is always good for some sympathetic laughs.

It’s a shame, the guy has quite an operational beard.  If you’re wondering who this guy is, his name is Richard Martinez and his son Christopher Michaels-Martinez was shot by that Isla Vista, CA shooter / shit piece who I will not name.  Terrible occurrence for sure, and I don’t wish losing a son to anyone… but I don’t see how volunteering for Everytown for Gun Safety with the goal of disarming the rest of us who are perfectly sane and responsible is going to fix anything or make anything better for the country as a whole.   The good guys with guns are not the problem and have never been the problem.



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