Richie Stackin

Holy, like 10 seconds into the song and I felt like I had glass shards, Tabasco sauce, and angry fire ants passing through my colon… Stitches has the roughest voice in the game right now.

Richie Stackin looking like he ducked his teenage mom at the park while she was off smoking Newports, then quickly met up with Stitches on the low to record this video.  He was back on the monkey bars before she even cared to look again.  Oh well at least she’ll be proud when she sees the video.  Wait did I just talk shit about Richie Stackin?  Does that mean I’m Bitchmade?  I guess so… damn!

Is that Smart car in the back owned by a member of their entourage?  If so, that’s ill.

2:23 – “I’m in love with my rifle”.  The tapcofucked SKS (AK-47 he calls it) from his previous video?  Right on!  I love hearing pro-gun raps.  As he says earlier, his best friend is his strap (gun)… mess with him you get clapped (shot).  Real talk.

Stitches-RapperInitially I thought his necklace was a gold shell casing, but I realized it actually looks like a gold Bic pen lid.


Hat tip: Jim