A song that your mom and mine would love:

haha so good, I always like when someone does a different take like this.


Gat tip: @pandaf_art

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Officers get all the perks:

Troll-Facehaha that was pretty funny.


I definitely need a RMR milled into my slide some day:

A quick run through of the criteria needed to be an operator:

✔Noise cancelling hearing protection
✔Oakley sunglasses
✔Scruffy Beard
✔Polo shirt with random operator companies you’ve probably never heard of
✔ThermalĀ long sleeveĀ under the polo shirt
✔Paracord bracelet
✔Weapon light during daylight ops
✔Suunto watch
✔Raven Concealment holster

Yea this guy is an operator.

You gotta love the sound in MichaelBarnes‘ videos too.