My former future stepson + Mark Serbu talk about the gun:

I’m always thirsty for this behind the scene stuff.  I like hearing about how things are made, and how problems are solved.

10:40 – 1300 units out in the world right now.

17:00 – Innnnnnteresting… does Royal live at Mark Serbu’s house because of a blossoming relationship with Valerie Serbu?  What’s the tea? 🤔



Royal Nonesuch doing it:

Royal-Nonesuch-RN50-Bolt-Action-50-BMGOh wow he’s actually wearing sunglasses and eyepro for safety.  What a time to be alive.  Man that thing looks nice / badass.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… those TEC-9 speedholes on the foreend are so dope, I literally can’t even.  Pretty exciting that he has his own firearm.  That’s definitely something to put on a resume (or not put I guess haha depending on where he’s applying for a job).

8:01 – .50 BMG ricochet off steel at that close of range could have been bad for the heath not?  Either way, he’s still alive at the time of writing this blog post.

9:18 – “Is it shootable out of a sweater?” ahhaha this guy slays me.

10:03 – Royal’s girl (Mark Serbu’s daughter) hip firing the gun. Is that your bolt action .50 or your girl’s bolt action .50? *extremely Drake voice* :P

MSRP is $1200 for the 29.5″ version.  Not sure if you can buy this 18″ length he shows in the video, but it’s worth a shot emailing Serbu if that’s what you want.



Lil’ demo:

obama-beerNot bad for $875.  If you need some .50 BMG in your life, I’m not sure that price can be beat.

0:09 – Eyepro AND earpro!  This is blasphemy!!!  I thought a requirement for shooting a Royal Nonsuch gun was a total disregard for safety, or the warranty is void? ;)

That AR-15 stock that have screwed into there right now looks like crap.  Would not operate with.  I only allow my shoulder to touch stocks that operators would use.



The Royal Nonesuch x Mark Serbu creation:

Man, once again that hand guard with the TEC-9 air holes WOOOOOOOO *FLAMEZ EMOTICONS x 1000*.

$875 he says, but I can’t find it on the Serbu Firearms website.  I’m sure you can email him and ask how you can get your hands on one though.

Gat tip: Jim