Demolition Ranch has jokes:

shooting-targetLOL those are funny and mostly accurate.

haha the AR-15 *ba dum ching* was awesome too.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Jordan’s been known to throw some flames:

Highjak86-Marshmallow-RoastLOLOL amazing.  Holy that “AR-15 pistol” *wink wink nudge nudge* spits hot fyaaahhh.  I could have pulled so many good screen shots for the post thumbnail, in some the flame was so big though it obscured marshmallow guy and the marshmallows themselves.

Most of the crew in ENDO Apparel!  AR-15 Builders Club, Liberator Pistol Builders Club, and Standard 30 shirts.  All excellent choices.

HighJak86 is the name of their channel, check them out and subscribe etc… Lots of good vids on a wide range of topics in their archives, and every once and a while they make one like this purely for tactical shits and operational giggles.

Thoughts?  Anyone want to try and one-up them?