Rob Leatham

Toot toot Monicas.  WELCOME TO THE GRIP ZONE:

You know I love a good manufacturing / facility vid.

1:32 – By far the best scene… this guy is wearing a Simpsons shirt… he’s at SPRINGFIELD Armory.

1:41 – This scene is highkey scary.  That slowmo walk and 1000yd stare.


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Whut in tarnation? Wat? I don’t get it…

*mumbles under my breath* Kirkland brand-ass Larry Vickers.  haha jk I know Rob is a very accomplished shooter.

Rob Leatham or not… a company writing “GRIP ZONE” on the grip of their gun is such astronomical levels of derp, I literally cannot even.  Cool “content” though Robert. I bet his hat says “head zone” in it, and his ear pro says “ear zone” in them. Speaking of that ear pro… 1982 called… 😂

Thoughts? You liking how Springfieldgate is long swept under the rug?