A surveillance video of the incident:

Gainesville, FL – Two masked men entered the Palms Internet Cafe, 8444 SW State Road 200 in Ocala, just before 10 p.m. Friday July 13. One of the men had a gun. Samuel Williams, 71, who fired the shots, has a concealed weapons permit, according to the Sheriff’s Office.  Both of the crooks suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds and were later captured.

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Interesting that people look dumbfounded and aren’t moving anywhere quickly once the shots start popping off.  Good to hear the robbers were captured, it’s a shame they lived though.


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Bear spray, pulling down the robbers pants, giving him kidney shots, and the store owners wife kicking him in the head seemed to work.  Personally i’d rather see robbers dead, but maybe I’m just cold?

I applaud those two.  Stuff like this always worries me when it’s so highly publicized though…. doesn’t anyone worry about retaliation?



Besides the gun, it would be hard to take someone like that serious.

There was some awkward silence and staring at the end.. I thought something big was going to go down.   At the very least I was hoping the robber was going to blast a hole in his junk when he haphazardly was putting the gun back in his pants.

I knew the cost of living in Seattle was high but…


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ROFL… a musket! …only in Canada.  Lucky with their fabulous registry the police will be able to catch those criminals quickly… oh wait.. never mind that won’t happen.


“I ran back into my mom’s room and grabbed her little pink rifle, and there was two bullets in there,” she said.

With the loaded rifle, Gutierrez said she checked the bathroom and then the living room ready to defend herself. She said she ran to her mother’s closet and called 911.

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That could have ended badly if she didn’t have that rifle. Two shots is better than zero shots any day of the week.

Pretty awesome that even though she only learned how to shoot a few days prior, she still had the guts and the know how to do what she did.


From his comment on the previous post, Master Jeff Wade makes a generous offer to those who don’t believe his claims:

Hello Gentlemen, this is Master Jeff.

I’m not sure why only one of you thought to contact me directly (and thank you for contacting me so I could defend myself). I am not hiding behind anonymity. My website is on the video. My address is on the website, as are my hours of operation (see “schedule” link). I invite any and/or all of you to visit. Bring an Air Soft pistol you don’t mind being destroyed. I actually HAVE done all the moves on the videos using Air Soft pistols. I’m betting none of you has. Anyway, they’re only good for one or two disarms, so you might want to bring several. I have a camera here and it will be running, but you may also bring your own. Regardless of what happens, I think we’ll all have some interesting footage to study and publish on our websites. If you can debunk any of the claims I make, I’ll reimburse you for your air travel. If not, then you pay your own. Either way, we’ll all learn something. Also, in the spirit of honest, objective combat training, I’ll also agree to serve dinner to everyone who participates. I’ll also put you up in my own house, where concealed carry is definitely allowed. We can debate combat tactics while we grill out or something.

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