russian roulette

*eye roll* yeah… right:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to never underestimate the stupidity of hipsters.  That’s taking place at some bar in San Francisco… so there you have it.

You can read more about this stupidity in this article on the Daily Mail.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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LOL Andrew from GY6 Vids snapped on this one:

watermelon-russian-rouletteIf you listen close you can hear Andrews butthole clench and release at 2:05.

First hit is at 2:35.  Man that’s a lot of energy… S&W .500’s don’t play. LOL



Terrible looking product, worse video demo:

The alcohol is kept in 1 out of 6 chambers in the revolver. You have the gun tilted up and pull the trigger… if you hear a click you’re dead (the alcohol chamber aligns with the barrel)… so naturally you put it up to your mouth tilt the handle upwards and pour the alcohol out into your mouth.

After seeing the video, I associate the product with douchebags trying to look and act suave.  If that’s what you’re going for, and mock suicide firearm related games are your thing, then by all means head over to Amazon and pick one up for around $15.  You might be playing Russian roulette with your wallet though because the reviews are mostly terrible.

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about Russian Roulette games, or Alcohol guns:  See Balloon Russian Roulette, Alcohol Gun, and the Beer Blaster Gun.


Hat tip: Philip


A revolver based pin popping party game for those with a dark sense of humor:

Are toy firearm related games that break the 4 rules of firearm safety OK?  Is this any different than kids shooting each other with water guns?  Probably not, although since this game has suicide connotations pulling the game out around certain people might not yield the jovial reaction you were hoping for.

 Why not personalise your game like us and put whipped cream or chocolate sauce in the balloon before inflating it. Messy but hilarious!

What a massacre that would be.  I’m surprised they didn’t suggest ketchup!

If you want to see the product in Action check out this scene from controversial movie God Bless America:

If you’re interested you can pick one up over at Amazon for $17.99



Don’t get all worked up… it’s actually just a sassy music video:

NOT pointed in safe direction ladies.  Apparently they don’t teach trigger discipline in Korea either.  Did Jeff Cooper’s 4 rules never make it there? 

North Korea or South Korea?  Either way, Kim Jong approved because these girls are ill.

SPOILER ALERT: One of them dies at the end.

I actually watched it twice because I initially thought it was in English, and I just wasn’t “getting it”.  My brain was making up English lyrics.


Hat tip: Raeshawn (who apparently keeps his ear to the mean streets of Korean pop, so I don’t have to)


Is this supposed to be funny?

There should be a huge fine for doing Stupid fake Russian accents on YouTube.

I’m surprised youtube actually doesn’t ban user that make videos like that.  Although I guess at < 500 views, it is hardly on the radar.