Mattv2099 surprises even himself:

Mattv2099-ENDO.410 caliber huh?  Not large ballistically, but for driving nails it’s enough.  Anymore than that and you’ll add to the recoil.

I’ve never seen Matt so excited about anything haha.



WHAT THE?!?!?!  This will get your heart rate up:

Man… those crazy Russians!  DANCE BORIS DANCE.  I have no idea who these guys are, but they must be the most special of all the forces, doing stuff like this.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not huge on taking risks that could result in bodily injury, but this is just batshit crazy.  They are shooting so close to some of those guys, that if something happened in a split second such as one of them tripping on that rough terrain, he’d get his wig peeled back.  In fact one guy did actually trip at 0:44, but thankfully his dirt shot was already placed before hand.

Like, is there literally no other way in Russia to make noise and cause poofs of dirt to come out of the ground?

I have no idea what any of that Russian writing means, but I’m hoping it says “hahahha stupid Americans… we trolled you hard on this one.  All blanks in those rifles with timed mini ground explosives. Got emmmmmmmm”

Russian-Live-Fire-Intimidation-TrainingThoughts?  Would operate with?  Are you requesting this realism stateside at the place you train with?

Gat tip: addyyoon


What you’ve come to expect from the Russians, plus a few amazing surprises:

Faces covered to avoid internet embarrassment.

1:14 – Oh lawd.  That looks like what Shoothouse Puzikas did in that Panty-Oh video, but even more retarded because Sonny actually was looking in the direction of one of the firearms at least!  No-look shooting is so fashionable.  Safety isn’t.  Get with the program.

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-Wield1:57 – “the drive-by simulator” – key Russian technology.  It’s a real skill to hit what you’re aiming at when you’re dumping mags out the Lada.

2:32 – This linked ammo loading crank device seems pretty cool… a better shot of it at 2:57

Despite some of the obvious theatrics in this video, I’m sure these guys actually do kick some major ass.

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0:04 – Is the esteemed announcer talking into some type of large Russian sausage?  He seems quite sauced.

0:22 – haha that careful ice running to prone

0:51 – “Shoot somewhere fast”

Dude lights up the targets and it’s a wrap!

Russian-VS-SnowmanAll in all the four rules were respected, and they had fun.  Although I don’t condone drinking and shooting, Jeff Cooper obviously didn’t want to be a buzz kill, and toss a 5th “Always be sober” rule in the mix.

Note to self: Participate in Russian biathlon. In hindsight that would have made some good 1st week of Engineering shenanigans. I hear there are even girls now in Engineering! Epic.



These shitheads illegally dig up bodies and artifacts from WWII:

If this was done in an archeological manner I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it.  These guys are doing this half under the guise of “We have to find these soldiers and re-bury them”, and yet selling the artifacts on the black market.  If your only tools are a shovel and one metal detector, you’re ruining shit and getting lucky finds occasionally… not preserving history.

I’d like to know what family members of soldiers who died there think of this.  My guess is they don’t like these guys, and either wish the bodies could just be left alone… or else an actual proper excavation take place.

11:53 – Looks like a RGD-33 fragmentation grenade.  Sitting in water since the war ended so I’m sure it’s not risky to handle it (correct me if I’m wrong).

14:12 – Mosin-Nagant.  Just a little rust, that’ll buff right out after you throw some solvent on it. :P

VICE-Logo14:42 – More RGD-33’s… They look a lot more volatile when they are dry.  I don’t think I’d want to touch or bang those around.  People get hurt all the time from explosives that old.



Russian-Roulette-Revolver-Alcohol-GunBad guys… hostages…EVERYONE is dead.  I can’t tell by that guy’s YouTube page who posted this, who exactly this is that is training.  It seems pretty relaxed and a lot of giggling / laughing which we wouldn’t normally see from Special Forces anyway.

Hat tip: no uno