safety pledge

Two vids.  One goal:

0:38 – “With your pledge you will benefit from a heightened sense of confidence.”   <—- OH SHIT stop the presses!!! *rushes to to re-up on confidence*

“National Safety Month” hey?  So Glock is Month’ist I see…. why wasn’t there any website set up for Black History Month?  Also, why are they not co-promoting National Safety Month along with LGBT month (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) since they fall in June?  July coming up is National ice cream month… can we get a Gucci Mane limited edition Brrrrrrrr Glock?  September for National prostate awareness month can we get a deep conceal mini Glock of some sort?  I’m throwing these marketing ideas out for free btw.

Kind of creepy that they ask for everything but your actual address on the signup page.  Zip code is pretty damn specific as is… and you can creep on who signed up on that map below. At least the email address is optional. Since the reward is intrinsic, it’s kind of weird they didn’t make this international.

Related note: Gunny is starting to sound more and more like Gilbert Gottfried to me.

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryUnless I can get a date with Tori, I’m not making a safety pledge.  My self confidence is already at peak levels, I actually think it’s kind of irresponsible for Glock to want to inject more confidence into my life.  God knows what I would do with it.  It would be like that dope Bradley Cooper movie Limitless… shit would get out of hand, then I’d crash.

Thoughts?  Did you reap the benefit of a heightened sense of confidence from “making your pledge”?

Final note: It was hilarious Michelle told me a while back on Instagram she wanted to punch me for blogging about her as “Tactial Snookie”. I wish I could find the post, but word is bond.


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